Chris Christie: This is incredibly disrespectful to voters

GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie discusses former President Donald Trump’s decision to skip the second primary debate and the ongoing UAW strike on ‘Your World.’ #foxnews #fox #yourworld

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  1. 3

    Christie will NEVER win! He is delusional. I'm a Republican and I would NEVER vote for Christie. I would vote for Kennedy in that case!😂

  2. 10
    Bill McCaslin

    You notice that YouTube only shows the count for the thumbs up and not the thumbs down. WHY??? BECAUSE THE FAR LEFT CAN NOT TOLERATE ANYONE KNOWING HOW PEOPLE REALLY FEEL ON ISSUES! SO THEY HIDE WHAT HURTS THEIR LIBERAL NARRATIVE!! SHAME ON YOU YouTube!!! Why put a thumbs down if your not going to show how many. If you do not show the number for the thumbs down, then be fare, do not show the number of thumbs up. It is miss leading and the same as misinformaton. It helps support false narratives. In other words, YouTube is doing what it accuses others of doing!! Stop showing thumbs up or start showing both thumbs up and down. It is only FAIR you hypocrites.

  3. 11
    Bill McCaslin

    Chris, do you really think that Republican voters are dumb enough to make you their nominee you 🤡? It's not going to happen! We all know that you know you have no chance. We all know that your Democrat an Rhino financial backers are funding you to spew venom out about Trump in the debates along with Pence trying to make someone like DeSantis or Nikie Haley win the nomination. Everyone, including your backers know you do not have a prayer of getting the nomination. But, if by some wild happenstance you won the Republican nomination, I would not vote for you or Biden!!! I would vote for Trump even if his name was not on the ballot, I would write his name in on the ballot. Electing you or Joe makes no difference, your both serial liars, establishment elitists, and crooks. I would not vote for either of you if there was a gun to my head. I would tell them to pull the trigger. Voting for either of you is just to dam repulsive. I do not have to worry though. You couldn't get elected dog catcher in a national election. As to Trump not participating in the debates, I do not blame him. Why should he waste his time with the likes of you! Someone who's backers are Democrats and anti Trump Rhinos that want to keep the criminal status quo of Washington DC selling out America for self enrichment. Don't go away mad Chris, just please go away and disappear forever so we never have to listen to you ever again you looser. If Trump dropped dead tomorrow, the only one on that stage I would even consider voting for is the other self made rich guy not for sale like you and all the other crooks on the stage. You would sell us out to the Chinese just like Biden has been doing for years.

  4. 13
    Petro Tmyrcz

    Christie/Halley 2024! Trump is going to prison. Everything negative that Christie says about Trump is true. Nobody wants to admit that and just gives Trump a free pass. Hey, I voted for him twice, and the USA was better off while he was POTUS. The current administration is a complete disaster and needs to be replaced, the sooner the better, this is true. The Donald is not the candidate he was in 2016, and even if he wins the general, he'll only be a 1 term president again. He is past his sell by date. He is not as sharp as he was in 2020, it's showing, and we need to look at the other potential candidates. It's early still and I haven't settled on anyone yet, but I will not vote for Trump in the primaries.

    Those of you who will not vote for any other Republican candidate but Trump are outright giving the election to the Dem's. That is an absolutely ridiculous attitude. Remember, there is a vote blue no matter who contingent, they feel strongly about it, and show up to vote. If Dem's win the White House, and they just might, maintain control of the Senate and regain the House majority, we are dead meat in the street. Let's keep an open mind and listen.

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