Karine Jean-Pierre answers whether Biden will pardon Hunter

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre speaks to the press. #foxbusiness

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  1. 2
    Debbie Kosareff

    Its all lies they have nt done anything for anybody, look at the higher prices making it harder to live, my own house keeper who is very good and sweet, got shingles due to the stress of needing money to pay her house note, and live, All Americans who are not rich are having a hard time paying their bills. Its wrong. Biden has ruined this country, damage, debt to the country, crime all on the rise. Its sad, We want a president for the american people not Biden whos brain is gone and obama and harris running things.

  2. 6
    B C

    Dont u dare ask specifics about questions..only let her answer in a general sense with a yes and no answer to everything…ridiculous..ghis women should be ashamed of herself for lying and deceiving Americans..she is disgusting

  3. 7
    B C

    I find kg ridiculous thar we spend most kf the briefing talking about other countries..which is their whole purpose…dont ask about america which this administration is ruining…so dont focus on the usa..its disturbing

  4. 11
    Perry Ross's

    Good ol and Joe keep giving Ukraine 🇺🇦 the USA 🇺🇸 taxpayers money. Smart low Joe Biden 👌🏾. Please someone step up save our ship 🚢. War machine Joe Smart.

  5. 12
    Perry Ross's

    Why don't good ol Joe Biden. Help the illegal immigrants him and his family 👪. Talk about white people with money 💰. Please 🙏 give me a break.

  6. 14
    Hacker 100

    KJP constantly talks about Biden's "accomplishments" and that he has "accomplished SO MUCH!" Not one reporter asks her to enumerate or list all these great accomplishments. If destroying the country is his accomplishment, he indeed has accomplished "so much".

  7. 15
    Marjorie Littleton

    Oh u can count on Biden giving Hunter a pardon. He's done and he knows it. He has nothing to lose ,he's not winning and his own party knows it. There just trying to figure out what to do about Harris. They really don't want her in office . Pelosi said it all,when she avoided answering the question about Harris when asked " do u think she's done a good job"? Pelosi " well Biden thinks she has" not one word from Pelosi saying " she's great,"or nothing except "VP don't do much anyway" Thats not an anwser now is it? Or is it a great anwser?

  8. 16

    Monetary/military support to UKraine no doubt is a burden on citizens in general within America but its so pleasing to see this superpower and its peoples prepared to lift that cross because they recognise morals and recognise its breach.I am pleased this superpower has such characteristics because their are systems who seek her label who do not. Bless America🙏

  9. 17
    Steve Miller

    Why does his Admin keep saying "THEY" brought in 3.2 mil jobs? All's they did was let companies re-open…not the same thing as NEW JOBS!!

  10. 18

    Go ahead and pardon Hunter. The pics and the videos are all over. Also, say nothing when Trump pardons all those January 6th Americans and the NY subway hero.

  11. 20
    Whoopiecushion Disco

    Wow. A bad day for KJP. She kept stuttering and repeating herself and basically found it difficult to construct a sentence. She couldn't pronounce words properly and a lot of what she said didn't make sense because she used the wrong words in places. Are her systems failing? 🤔

  12. 21
    Milli Joan

    Ugh why are they sending that bumbling man out to represent America oh my gosh this is just disgraceful these are all puppets and nothing that comes out of their mouth has one bit of truth to it! Not one of these people is truly for the American people!

  13. 23
    TomFitton isHOT

    FOX should have NEVER settled that STOLEN 2020 election Domain machine case. We stopped watching ALL FOX Nov 4 2020. This home will NEVER watch FOX again. Traitors!

  14. 26

    Biden's sanctions on Iran are in line with everything else they lie about. KEEPING the cash from Iran is ONE of the sanctions lol

  15. 34
    Jackie Millen

    This is for you Fox News! You are no f**** better than the mainstream media you never hit back on a question if you're asked you just go on to the next f**** question you're just as bad you just try to act like you're nicer!

  16. 36
    Jason Lang

    I literally can't stand listening to this woman's BS & straight WORD SALAD explanations! It's so annoying, not to mention all the lies. Does she honestly think that ANYONE believes a word she says?? Ugh, so frustrating… sorry

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