Victor Davison Hanson: This is very dangerous

Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson tells ‘The Ingraham Angle’ why China sees a ‘vacuum’ in American leadership. #foxnews #foxnews #theingrahamangle

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  1. 2

    And that Laura, is what I like to call, "casual brilliance." No notes, complete command of the isses and the details. There are others like him, i.e. Physicist Will Happer for one and many I have watched at Hoover Institute programs, and other venues, conservative venues mostly.
    Thanks Laura

  2. 6

    People like Victor Davison Hanson representing Grumpy Old Party, they blocked themselves in the past, made no touch with changing reality.. the world will move ahead with them or without them.

  3. 18

    The Honorable Mr. VDH is an extremely knowledgeable and articulate communicator of history and its relevance to today's modern America.
    BUT, no matter how many times he appears on Fox News, local or national news, or YouTube, nothing changes. America's problems continue to get worse.
    Why? Because VDH nor any average American has true representation in Washington D.C.

  4. 19

    When PBD said “we need a strong leader that can cool everything down in the Middle East” who else thought of Daniel 9, Matthew 24 and 2 Thess 2. It’s coming, PBD. And the world will worship that leader.

  5. 21

    Outstanding Raad!! Sports Park and Top Golf are gamechangers!!
    …keep the deer 🦌 but, like anything, maybe some better management.

  6. 22

    What a dumb, nonsensical question by anti-american, hateful, globalist Laura,"is there going to be a rally around the flag moment here"?, notice how ALL of her examples conveniently skip past a certain presidency🤔, "WE" ARE WEAK Laura?,and why is that Laura?,still waiting for Laura and the rest of the professional con artist at fox to mention the dead Americans,oh I forgot,they only mindlessly read whats on their teleprompter,fox news is now TNN (teleprompter news network) 🤮

  7. 24

    sigh This is one of the glaring weaknesses of cable news: They don't define their terms at the beginning or consider their assumptions, because of these short sound-byte segments. There are plenty of young people who have traditional American values, but compare those values to what America is, and how the left has perverted it; and are understandably reluctant to be proud of the monstrosity it has become BECAUSE of American values!

  8. 25

    Amazing how fast things hit the skids in 10 years. 10 years correlate with the advent of the smart phone and social media. Could that be part of the problem along with commie indoctrination centers, an evil MSM followed up by the most incompetent ,corrupt administration ever?

  9. 30

    Maybe these kids understand things better than you think. They know we can't keep fighting other countries forever before they all join together to get us. BRICS.

  10. 31

    If youve moved to America and worked hard to get citizenship then an element of pride is understandable but if your born there im not sure sure that its justifiable to be proud to be an american like any other nationality. Its not a personal achievement its an accident of birth. But you should be bloody greatful you were born and get to live in one of if not the richest freeist successful countries ever. Theres to much pride and not enough gratitude in the world today

  11. 35

    They don't care about america, they are defending freedom abroad while deserting it at home.if people don't wake up soon the freedom that America was founded on will end.

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