Randi Weingarten walks away from reporter’s question on transgender students #shorts

When approached by FOX Business’ Hillary Vaughn about biological boys changing in girls’ locker rooms, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said ‘we want to make sure every child is safe.’

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  1. 2
    jane salkins

    None of them have the balls to say what should be absolutely no boys I don’t care if you’re thinking you’re a girl or whatever the case may be you don’t belong in a girls locker room just like girls don’t belong in a boys locker room

  2. 16
    Robert Ogren

    She is one of the "masterminds" of the trans gender affirming movement being pushed on American public school children by the wicked Biden administration. Don't forget, Creepy Joe said… "They may be your children, but they're OUR CHILDREN TOO."

  3. 21
    Simon Simon

    “She want to make sure that every child is safe” by allowing boys to girls locker rooms and maybe bathrooms. I don’t know how she define safety.

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