Kayleigh McEnany: Biden has a real problem on his hands

‘Outnumbered’ reacts to Biden ignoring the border crisis during his U.N. speech. #foxnews #outnumbered

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  1. 12
    Victor Frankenstein

    The Dumbocrats that voted these criminals into office surely deserve the disaster that they have created, But the rest of us who haven’t been brainwashed into this idiocy, Do Not deserve to be dragged through this horrific mess of a country that we now live in. Flush the toilet of Washington…i e, The Swamp.

  2. 14

    I think Biden is mentally incapable of comprehending what’s truly going on. I don’t think it’s a matter of ignoring or disregarding it. I think he simply isn’t capable of processing a complex issue.

  3. 15

    …reminds me of the opening of the Clinton Library in LR, AR.
    I help build the downtown/riverfront area, where there was a minor homeless population. But like most things "disappeared" by the Clintons, the whole area was bused up and out to make room for the fantabulous Clinton Single Wide of Modern Art…

  4. 16
    Rock Bass702

    Trump and climate change is America's biggest threat. Biden is taking care of both. He truly is the greatest president in history. Now go back to work Ukraine needs money! Lmao enjoy!

  5. 18
    Juana Mora

    Also most guards working on the borders for decades are descendants from latin america so ake bribes or just let these people in. And as more latin Americans enter politics in California, tx, NM, AZ and all over the country they want these people coming in to vote for them. And the political leaders are of that 3rd world culture and mediocre or have the same bad habits as the leftists leaders of the countrys they descend from.

  6. 19
    Juana Mora

    This illegal invasion is tge enemy's plan to turn the USA into a 3rd world communist country. Turning it ignorant and communist by replacing the citizens and infiltrating the government agencies and turning the government into a communist dictatorship. And the people have permitted it out of fear of being called racist or they have to be politically correct or they have to be part of the group etc.

  7. 20
    Juana Mora

    How many come in illegally thru your possesions? Many come to Pto. Rico, and enter US mainland posing as PR citizens or marry Puerto Ricans. Same may be happening in USVI and into Hawaii from communist Asian countries and into Alaska from Russia passing as Alaskans etc.

  8. 23
    Juana Mora

    If people want to have various relationships or arent ready to settle down they shouldnt marry and just play the field. And you should be sure of
    at you want before saying I Do.

  9. 24
    Juana Mora

    Reality is its hard to be married to one person. So if youre having multiple relationships it will create multiple problems which can end in very terrible situations like so many people arkansided by their spouses, or spouses lovers or unwanted pregnancies, deadly venereal diseases, depression and other mental or emotional problems, drug abuse etc.

  10. 25
    Juana Mora

    And it's not about expensive clothes. You can get your clothes at the thrift store or goodwill and if you choose well and it fits well and you clean it. No one knows where you bought it or don't care.

  11. 26
    D. Fowler

    Both parties know what the magic number is to achieve their goal – That is why neither side has addressed border issues. It will remain open until the scales are tipped to maintain power over the people and the WEF gets its one world Government.

  12. 27

    Trump and his out-of-control ego confessed on Meet the Press on Sunday.

    He’s exactly like the end of the movie Psycho:

    “I wouldn’t hurt a fly” defense.

    His “evil twin” named Antifa did it.
    But, Mr. Trump – don’t you agree there are “very good people on both sides”?

  13. 28

    As you can see, "IGNORANCE" for the people is clear and evident. AOC is a dumpster can and is allowing NYC to join her as she further IGNORES the shouts of the people

  14. 29
    Juana Mora

    I was a young girl then and my dad would read it and say it was Russian propaganda infiltrating among the ignorant minorities to divide and bring down democracy. Bit people were having it so good and it was still such a small movement most people didn't notice it. Which is why when Mccarthy started warning about the infiltration the enemy convinced the moronic citizens that it was a witch hunt and he was bad and didn't know what he was talking about. And the people fell for it.

  15. 31
    Adam Plona

    I am stuck in the middle. Humanitarian crisis OBVIOUSLY demands attention. But, Trump had "remain in Mexico" and it worked more or less. Pelosi has (on camera) "we need them to pick the crops". I side with Trump.

  16. 36
    Crystal Krabbe

    These cities r just now seeing this I live in key west fla and we deal w immigrants fors 50 yrs now ever since Cuba turned communist then Haitian crisis and we have Russians finally the rest of USA is seeing what Florida's been going thru this is old news for desantis.

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