KJP blames Trump admin, Republicans for border’s ‘broken system’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre answers FOX News’ Peter Doocy’s questions on the border’s migrant surge, the Senate’s new dress code and Biden’s repetition of stories. #foxnews

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  1. 2
    Richard Alf

    Well, where she has expertise you can try to get the facts. Democrats try to make serious politics, the orange whacko brags, lies and polarizes.

  2. 4
    pen jim

    The first thing that Biden did when he took office, was cancel everything that Trump had set up….that's what I remember seeing him do. How can they blame Trump for this when he was building the wall!!! Biden's selling off the steel posts! 😤
    Penny from Christchurch. 🇬🇧

  3. 5
    SCAR 16

    This is completely embarrassing. She didn’t answer any of the questions in any manner. Doosey didn’t even challenge her?! She is the epitome of talking loud and saying nothing.

  4. 12
    Vonette Slusser

    It was working just fine under Trump! Along comes Biden and everything goes down the tubes! Gutted under Trump is a big lie, its in the toilet now! She needs to take a run to the border or maybe we can bring it to her!

  5. 15
    LISA Escobar

    This woman does she live inside a box doesn’t she see what’s going on in the world.ever since this man been the president we need to pray for them 🙏

  6. 16
    Wayne Lane

    "A complete disaster for the American people! Not anyone else but Joe Biden Voters are responsible for their decision to put this Administration in power. They were told what would happen but they chose to be played. And boy did we play them."

  7. 19
    Jaguar Paw

    That record funding was our medical benefits and our tax money that wont be there when we retire.
    They have more rights than a citizen.

  8. 20
    Pooh bear Pooh

    The border was fine until this administration took over. This disgusting human being is paid to lie,lie. If all media outlets would pull a no-show on one of her attempts to give a briefing and maybe she kjp, like Scooby-Doo, she might actually catch a clue.
    She is such a joke that it's actually painful for individuals and our country . They are so arrogant they have no clue.

  9. 22

    Look at yourself in a mirror and your administration before blaming.
    You are a very good liar but unfortunately the worst press secretary ever including the Biden administration.

  10. 24

    We call that a pathological liar, ladies and gentleman! There are many in this administration that are. The average human with no training can still spot their "tells"; they are that bad at it and blatantly obvious. Lmao😂

  11. 26

    Why do these reporters continually let her off the hook when they know she's lying?

    Is this broad untouchable? Are there real consequences for disagreeing, for showing proof, for making an argument, for not agreeing with her?

    Why has she gone unchallenged for so long? She talks, she ignores, she deflects, she LIES.Who the hell is she that no one is willing to confront her?

    Or am I missing something?

  12. 27

    Trump can’t help his own cause with these violent attacks on General Milley. Trump can only hurt himself. If Milley is a trial witness, and the DOJ informed Trump about this during discovery, then Trump’s attacks are a violation of his bail and he’ll get locked up sooner.

  13. 31
    Brian Glodowski

    If I'm not mistaken first it was 250,000 turned back the 250 then 2,500, which is it. We know 10,000 made it across, and the previous administration did not have these types of numbers crossing, so why lie?

  14. 33

    BREAKING: Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, faces a major setback as the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library declines to invite him to speak at next week's high-profile debate on the future of the Republican Party. One trustee stated that Trump's actions and values are inconsistent with Reagan's philosophy, and inviting him would be seen as accepting his past behavior. The board views Trump as irrelevant to the party's future. Additionally, a top advisor to a board member expressed frustration, describing Trump as the opposite of Reagan and someone who wants to dismantle rather than build. In summary, the Reagan Library's rejection of Trump is a significant blow to his campaign.

  15. 34

    reminder: closing the government means:
    1. stopping work at the border (border patrol wages will stop)
    2. stopping the holding of immigrants in cages
    3. stopping the maintenance of the imaginary wall

    ** Republicans do not mind closing the Border —– LET THAT SINK IN **

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