Kellyanne Conway: Biden’s ‘major policy failings’ are why we’re in this position

FOX News contributor Kellyanne Conway discusses President Biden’s foreign policy decisions and his latest approval ratings on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. 5

    I’m an Ohio Republican and I can’t believe people listen to Kellyanne and her “alternative facts”. Where I come from it’s called lying. She’s one of the reasons I won’t vote for Trump

  2. 9

    I love you Kelly. You’re smart articulate imagination and absolutely gorgeous. ❤. My heart goes out to you. I got nowhere else to go😎💜. Always on my mind. The world is better because you’re here. 😎❤️Godspeed.

  3. 17

    It’s hard to believe that Biden‘s approval numbers are so high. I just wonder if them people even has kids or parents or anyone they want to look up to them.

  4. 20

    Then, why is it allowed? Do we need divine intervention?
    The world as we know it is in grave danger and all you media people do is talk, talk, talk.

  5. 23

    Biden is specifically doing this to keep the attention off the crimes he has committed. He knows 100% that he’s caught.

  6. 25

    were in this mess because ALL media and the suits wanted it. not one taxpayer supports giving up their hard earned cash has said. "lets pick a fight" this is ALL on media and the suits who claim to serve the ppl. FK all of you.

  7. 29

    Why is there a coronation? Joey cant use a TELEPROMPTER in a debate! The democrats arent getting any options no exchanging of ideas nothing NEW.. ITS the same old farts with the same old results!

  8. 37

    Don't agree with Kellyann that people will stick with him because of war time. They know he's incompetent and see the difference between peace under Trump and chaos after chaos under Biden

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