‘I LAUGHED OUT LOUD’: Greene on Hunter’s lawsuit

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene lambasts Hunter Biden for his lawsuit against the IRS on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. 1
    Dennis Anderson

    If you know this is an invasion what the hell are you waiting for. You Republicans seem to think you need Biden`s permission to shut things down? Whyyyyyy? Here they come Biden`s Democratic voter from Mexico. RIDIN THAT TRAIN HIGH ON COCAINE PABLO CHINGA-DERASS BETTER WATCH YOUR SPEED. I am ready to rip some politician`s lips off.
    Nirrado Cerrado Open Closed Bordeur Border Did Biden change the meaning of these words?

  2. 3
    Joy Mahiko

    The Bidens have no sense of morals, ethics or honor. To sue his father's administration. It won't be long before America implodes.

  3. 4
    Politics NotAGame

    Make no mistake, the most incompetent and the person who has done the most criminal and illegal transactions is j Biden and all the evidence will slowly unravel, whilst slinging mud at china and Russia, Biden and is no good son (Hunter) are still receiving money's from billionaire communist regimes and yet pretend to be all American, the Biden and Pelosi family should be the most untrusted world wide.

    Trump will win the next election and put the US economy back on track because he has the business acumen Biden and all the Democrat's just spend the tax payers money and that's FACT!

  4. 6
    D. W。

    getting in bed with putin is a higher priority than a southern border grievance ?!?
    give greene a shovel to dig up all the ww2 graves that fought against tyranny so she can spit on their coffins…

  5. 12
    William Strumfels

    Here's the problem in our country right now… Lets say every thing shes talks about is the absolute truth about the Bidens…Then charge them and prosecute them….But you cant turn around and let the Trumps off the hook for all their sins… its ether all criminal in D.C. or its all OK , but you just cant have it your way and try to come across like some savior of our country

  6. 22
    Sharon Fleming

    Unbelievable why do these people have to ninja over and into america when they can walk in no problem, just think about that? One reason is obviously these have nefarious intentions, and probably backpacks full of fentanol. Full of fake documents, passports, drivers licenses among other things all undermining the law, and this administration, assisting them, facilitating them, and mayorkis coming to congress laughing at us all knowing he can lie and get away with treason.

  7. 24
    Annette Floyd

    The Biden brand will crumble and fall just like every socialist and dictator nation has throughout history. A house decided against itself will fall and great will that fall be. Trump 2024.❤

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