Drew Barrymore apologizes to writers

Drew Barrymore is apologizing to television and film writers over her decision to resume production on her talk show as members of the Writers Guild of America remain on strike. Barrymore’s show drew protest from the union after announcing they would resume production without WGA writers contributing. It is not the only talk show that has remained on air or resumed production amid the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes. SAG-AFTRA has said Barrymore is in compliance with her contract as host of the program and the production is not struck. Hours after posting her apology video, Barrymore seemingly removed it from her Instagram account. #cnn #news

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    Jason D

    She most likely removed it because it was being attacked, come on she is being sincere here. It's a tough business, but it's art too. And some people prefer or need to work rather than be an activist. We definitely got to stick together, but at what cost when we need to do our own thing? Tolerance folks and save your ire for the industry or our government that is currently out of control. With AI on the edge of emerging we need to take back control of our government, per the Constitution and before it becomes obvious to the majority just how disconnected we are from our government and just how out of touch our ungracefully aging politicians are. Common sense does not exist there and they will choose AI over prudence and that will change the landscape for virtually all jobs. Good luck writers and give Drew a break, she is not evil or even mean. Probably just needs to stay productive.

  2. 20

    Don't apologize to people who consciously make a decision to strike. They're doing what their conscious tells them to do. YOUR CONSCIENCE IS TELLING YOU TO WORK FOR YOUR OTHER EMPLOYEES. DO NOT APOLOGIZE.

  3. 33
    Eric D

    I try to like drew but the girl has no backbone, shes way to worried about everybody liking her, she needs to say f it hate me if you want

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