Hunter needs to realize the Biden regime is trying to cut him loose: GOP rep

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., discusses House Republicans tackling government spending amid a looming government shutdown, AG Merrick Garland being pressed by lawmakers during a House hearing, and the Biden family business deals probe. #foxbusiness

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  1. 1
    Teresita Virtudszo

    Speaker kevin be a man democrats too much spending including aid to ukraine & the influx of illegal migrants the govt of the united states will become bankrupt.

  2. 2

    The real powers that are really in chsrge can fix the Bidens starting with Hunter hes brought attention on their crooked agenda an Hunter is disposible an then Joe.

  3. 4
    Sandra Haines

    Oh please his Dad is just as corrupt as he is.
    Is the American people paying for his attorney. Druggie boy lives in the White House and flys on taxpayers money. Both need to go to jail.

  4. 12
    Tim Hawks

    Did I hear this correctly? Did Hunter take trips on Air Force 2 and if so, who gave him authority to do so? How much did these trips cost the tax payer?

  5. 13
    Stoic Druid

    Biden sent BLINKIN and YELLEN to China within a few weeks of each other. It wouldn’t surprise me If Biden is prepared to abandon Taiwan for China to keep their mouths shut. I’m sure Russia is more than aware of Biden Family, and Ukraine payouts.

  6. 16

    Hunter was seen moving documents out of joes garage into his storage locker…Garland stopped the search warrant for that locker…WHY??

  7. 24
    Kimberlee Boydston

    This man acts like nothing else has been going on! Bides and their corruptions , (as well as DOJ, FBI ETC, ETC). This all has taken on toll and on a lot of their time. It’s takes awhile to get this going. I think McCarthy is getting in the groove. We’re all dying here with all this inflation, money spent, taxes and interest rates going up and illegal immigrants! Come on people get a grip!

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