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    Antony Sarelas

    I live in Norway but i canceled my Netflix, disney + and HBO because of this. Greedy Hollywood! He sounds like a child pleading to his mother how well behaved he was and such a good boy

  2. 5
    Lyndsey Bodi

    I live in Norway but i canceled my Netflix, disney + and HBO because of this. Greedy Hollywood! He sounds like a child pleading to his mother how well behaved he was and such a good boy

  3. 6
    Jenny Malakan

    I don't know who would pay for this.
    Put human versions side by side with AI versions of the same theme. But it needs to be set up scientists, in consult with entertainers, at large.
    But it will be expensive to do but good research. He sounds like a child pleading to his mother how well behaved he was and such a good boy

  4. 7
    Jan Sean

    It’s hard to tell who cares less about the working class in film and television. AMPTP, WGA, or SAG. They represent the most elite groups in Hollywood. All whining about how much the other ones make while unrepresented production workers and their families go broke. The “union solidarity” trumpet is a hollow ploy, considering not a word of public support was spoken in 2021 when 96% of uinion membership in the IATSE voted to strike against 12 hour work days with no double time and shrinking healthcare coverage. They weren’t working part time.

  5. 9

    WGA: " we wanna work out part time jobs and get full time payment"
    Every Normal Person in the World: " Why" ?
    WGA: "Cause we deserve it and our job is so hard"
    Screw you idiots! if you work like 10 episodes a year get another job and shut up

  6. 10
    Wendy Gacsi

    How is it that the writers of hit shows don’t enjoy the same financial success, or a large enough percentage to make them happier than they are now? Is it not a partnership in conjunction with the talent there is success? I mean someone might really appreciate a particular talent who is popular, but is it not in large part due to talented writers that bring about the popularity? I believe it is because of talented writer’s that success is possible to all! They are the unsung heroes. How can it be okay with the industry as a whole to essentially make it impossible for writers to make the kind of living that doesn’t make searching for other work necessary? It’s an illusion that the success is due entirely to the talent or the company associated with creating the environment for success to materialize. Show more appreciation industry, and pay those who share in the final product, accordingly! They deserve a percentage of success as well! Pay them what they’re worth in all the areas that will culminate in success so we can enjoy our favourite shows again. Actors bring the words to life but the words come from writers! It’s a relationship that is symbiotic! It’s important! It’s necessary and long overdue! Enough already

  7. 12
    Joel Willems

    TV writers don't have real jobs. Everyone wants to and can do their job. They lost leverage when AI came into play. They are just the low fruit on the replacement branch. Many other jobs in the entertainment business are right behind.

  8. 14
    E. Butler

    I'm not too fond of this 8 episode crap. Do they need help from the public? Most of us own movies we can watch and YouTube videos until the strike is over. Is there a certain day or time we should turn off the TV? We can DVR everything until the strike is over.

  9. 15

    Actors and writers do not get paid that much after its all said and done, unless they work on a huge project (think the Marvel films, for example). I learned alot when I took my son the LA for auditions/casting calls from 2012-2014 (we lived in Phoenix at the time). My friend and her son had been out there living & working in LA for about 3 years by that point. Unless her son landed a role on a popular television series (think NCIS, Criminal Minds, Chicago Fire… which her son starred in), there was no money to be made. After all the SAG-AFRA fees, Coogan Account (which takes 15% of earnings) and taxes (city, state & federal) plus cost of rent for an apartment in LA and gas money for driving to all the auditions/workshops/etc… there was barely enough to put into personal savings. I met a couple of writers while out in LA and its a very similar story. Only the truly 'famous' or 'well-known' actors (& writers) are able to make a prosperous living. To reiterate, I never knew any of this until I took my son out to LA and talked with other people involved in the industry. It definitely is not a place to make any kind of money unless you make it 'big'.

  10. 16
    Nottobe Believed

    Has anyone missed the writing content coming out of Hollywood? Have not heard one person complain. Well, the Hollywood writers but they lost all originality decades ago. So…

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    David Eric Kennedy

    This is unstoppable. If Ai works well enough, the shows are still successful, profitable, it's gave over. Society will decide how much writers are really worth to be paid. Times have changed, Network Television is no longer the only gave in town. We no longer need a professional photographer anymore to get decent pics in difficult light, no one going to pay 12 bucks to get their favorite song forced with a bunch of crappy ones anymore. IT NO LONGER TAKES MILLIONS TO PRODUCE HIGH QUALITY CONTENT NOW AND THERE IS A LOT OF AMAZING TALENT OUT THERE! Way more talented they theses writers, they just had no voice. UNTILL NOW!

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