Garland had nothing to say: Rep. Jeff Van Drew

Reps. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., and Troy Nehls, R-Texas, discuss how lawmakers grilled Attorney General Merrick Garland on Capitol Hill on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. 1
    Gee Cee

    It’s hard to respond to any questions when he’s already used up all his lies previously. He knows that by telling lie after lie that he can’t start telling the truth now or he will perjure himself. You would think that by all the lies he heard from felons trying to stay out of jail that he would know that sooner or later he won’t be able to lie cause every lie contradicts the last one and he is to that point now.

  2. 6
    Susanna Guillory

    Where has Garland been living under a rock?? How is it he has not heard of Viktor Shokin ??
    Nothing absolutely Nothing Merrick Garland says is credible.

  3. 7
    Susanna Guillory

    The only reason corrupted Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hur to allegedly investigate Biden's document case,was because the push back he was getting for appointment of Jack Smith to investigate Trump. There was never any intention to investgate Biden. All smoke and mirrors.

  4. 13
    extra solar

    its another democrat disaster and an international reminder just how corrupt overpriced unconstitutional compromised and slimy our criminal clinton crew doj are. their whole gig is and has been election interference while covering up for beijing joes federally funded career of fraud. these are sick sick people and they have used their bogus 'authority' to railroad subvert cheat sabotage not defend americas interests.

  5. 16
    USA First

    Garlands own testimony stating he knew nothing about his DOJ or coping out on who is managing what in the DOJ, that he basically stated allowing a district USAG go rogue without oversight, or that he never followed up on his USAG members actions or he even disciplined bad actions and performance against US citizens and religious groups. That’s indication of not doing his duty to his oath of office. That’s worthy of impeachment alone. He basically admitted to a Rogue DOJ that has no oversight within itself. If Biden won’t do his job and fire Garland then impeachment is the only alternative.

  6. 24
    Brian Lanier

    It’s not an opinion it’s a fact Joe Biden said fire this prosecutor who is looking into my family corruption or they do not get billion dollars then several months ago Joe Biden publicly said, how he sold state secrets. These are facts that that Biden publicly said..

  7. 25

    Shut the government down! American citizens want the government shut down. You can't hurt us anymore than you already have! Do your job Kevin McCarthy!

  8. 32
    Tim Ogul

    YES, Garland DID have nothing to say. "Nothing" is exactly what an AG SHOULD be saying about ongoing investigations, because that is what the law SAYS he should be saying about ongoing investigations.

  9. 33
    carlo podrecca

    How stupid maga dweebs have become. Y’All now refuse to take the orange buffoon’s own words of using the DOJ to prosecute anyone he chooses, when the liberals have always gone out of their way to have no contact with the attorney general, and that the attorney general appoints dumpsters man as special counsel to prosecute Hunter for what no one but drug traffickers get prosecuted for! Now what you idiots are going to say that President Biden is involved in drugs for guns, to release hostages,?, oh, no, that’s right, right as back stabbing reagan!

  10. 36

    Garland is a POS. The Democrat party are liars losers, thieves killers racists drug dealers and pedophiles all. Don't forget slobs That's for fetterman. FJB FKH and F. Garland

  11. 38
    Lorie luv

    No you he doesn't have to answer a question about a frickin investigations you freaking traitors you are all traitors and you know

  12. 39

    Nobody cares about burisma. I care about Social Security checks being delivered. I care about Medicare being delivered. I care about my medical at the VA being paid for. You guys are going to shut down the government for nothing. You're not going to get anything! Our children to work with the government are going to go unpaid. For what? Months? Could you go months without getting paid? Guess what? The banks don't care if the Republican government can't keep the lights on and can't get its act together to govern. All of those rhinos are going to still get paid.

  13. 40

    Free speech in regards to a president is not the point. Presidential legitimacy resides exclusively in the speech. So when the President says I want to overthrow an election, or maybe we can protesters in the legs, or maybe we can just forget about all of those documents, that is a crime, that is treason.

  14. 43

    Merrick Garland will go down as one of the greatest attorney-general's this country has ever had. Although he was way too slow to initiate the critical accountability for the dictatorship enablers of the Republican Party, he has tasked independent career prosecutors with the awesome responsibility of preserving our democracy in the face of GOP malfeasance and malignancy.

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