Former UAW president details ‘staggering’ abuse, ‘exploitation’ of union workers

Former UAW President Bob King expressed support for the union and its leaders amid negotiation talks with the ‘Big Three’ automakers. #FOXBusiness

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  1. 1
    jr smith

    do you know how many people are gonna cross that line to get the money you greedy idiots are bitchin about? I'm comin across.

  2. 7

    Appears UAW leadership must be in the pockets of the administration as they are basically looking to lose at least half of the workers if the car makers go fully electric vehicles. UAW does not care about its members only lining their leaders pockets.

  3. 9

    None of them will have jobs after dumbass Biden forces EVs that nobody will buy. Trump is their best hope to save the industry.

  4. 11

    What a crock of bs. If the car manufacturers have so much money then why did Obama force US taxpayers to bail them out with billions of our dollars.

  5. 14
    Doctor Detroit

    Union goons vote for dems, freebies and open borders and then complain about inflation….and Trump gave them the best economy they ever had and they betrayed him…..and nearly the entire UAW leadership went to JAIL…….unions can die and go to hell where they belong.

  6. 16
    What if

    Let me get this straight. Go to work and work to get payed. Really good benefits, great pay, very good working conditions. Now on the strike line, loosing money, a 32 hour week demand and increasing the price of cars no one will be able to afford. We would all love cola increases that would drive up inflation. What we want a stop to government spending and creating more and more debt that the American tax payer will have to pay off. They should be grateful to even have a job. Lay offs are coming soon to a car dealer near you.

  7. 20
    Stanley Grey

    Voting is a personal choice not one made for you by a union affiliation. Unions take your money now they want to tell you how to vote. I once belonged to a UAW Union and it was worthless for the worker. Money flushed down the toilet.

  8. 25
    Shane Towne

    This guy is an idiot. Biden killed the energy sector. They are forcing EV's on the U.S. car companies that no one wants. They need more money to pay for Bidenomics.

  9. 30
    Robert Lupo

    $66,000 + $6,000 cola + $7,500 profit sharing $5,000 signing bonus+5 weeks of vacations zero pay medical care+18 paid holidays….wow where can I get abused like that.

  10. 35
    Mo M

    bro… I don't think biden is going to help you out. he has harmed every American…. financially, emotionally, etc. If someone worked for 10 yrs at a company as a temp… that is their own fault. get your experience and go to the competition. the bottom line is: this union is protesting because of BIDEN'S POLICIES. so asking that man for help is legit insanity.

  11. 38
    Daytime Nightmare 🪦

    🛑 You'd have yo be a fool to give into the demands of the Employees MAKING THE WORSE QUALITY CARS OUT TODAY🙆👈. THOSE BIG 3 automakers are greedy and deserve this…. but they also have an "employee" problem 👈👈😂bums that want higher pay

  12. 39
    Daytime Nightmare 🪦

    Seeing that Guy smoking that cigarette in the Thumbnail reminds me of the Rob Wozchieck investigative piece on the Lazy Chrysler Union workers……who were drunk and high on their breaks 👈👈👈👈Those automotive plants need better employees first….. then You pay…. but i definitely wouldnt give into a bunch given me low quality work. …… simple

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