Failla: What ‘threat’ does Trump pose to country music? ‘None, shut up’

‘Fox Across America’ host Jimmy Failla discusses the Senate’s dress code change and singer Maren Morris quitting country music.

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  1. 1
    classicalmusic lover71

    Sen. Fetterman was living with his mother until he was 44 years old, failed mayorship, his illness makes him speak sloppy, however, that is exactly the description of him. He has never taught pride, respect, or dignity. His level of mentality is my question.

  2. 2
    Irvin M Ferguson

    The inventor of his Torah Code Program, some years back 70's and 80's. Rabbi Glazerson – And now a new ominous prediction lists: Trump, Putin, Netanyahu, and Moshiach, all in one table. This program consistently is showing tables of Trump winning in 2024. We will have to see if this comes to fruition, and I hope it will. Sincerely Irvin M Ferguson

  3. 3
    J B

    Commercial country has been a pathetic train wreck long before Trump. Starting with “bro country”, all lyrics read like a child’s checklist of what people think “country” living is about. Toss in newer cross-over hip hop and pop influences like digital snap tracks, and there is nothing left. Every real musician has already bailed from the “country” mainstream and gone more towards the Americana genre. Country is a four letter word. If you like Luke Bryant or Florida Georgia Line or (god forbid) Sam Hunt, then you ARE the problem.

  4. 4

    😂😂😂😂 With all the serious threats trump pose to our Constitution and democracy, Faux decided to talk about country music. WTF PEOPLE!

  5. 5
    Penny King

    Trump's 2024 agenda so far

    Close the borders, mass deportations, do away with Dept, of Education, disband FBI and DOJ, reinstate racist travel bans ignore climate change, persecute anyone involved in his court cases, settle all petty grievances, and pardon seditious criminals involved in January 6 riots in which police were beaten.

    Is this madman who you REALLY want to run the country?

  6. 7
    not yrbsns

    Most Congressmen don't get or deserve any respect so they should at least try and not go to their offices dressed like they are commuting from a California homeless camp.

  7. 8

    His position is representative of our country on the international stage. I don't want to wear a suit either, so I wouldn't apply for a job where it was expected…and if I did because I just couldn't turn down the money, I'd suck it up and wear a suit. If you don't like the job, Fetterman…go home!

  8. 11
    I am Kesha

    No, it is NOT a good thing. It is unprofessional as hell. Everybody knows that you dress for the job that you want but this Olga is out here looking like he is in the streets trying to be a basketball player. You don’t dress that way in any professional environment period. This is so frustrating.

  9. 14

    Nothing makes a man feel good like a well earned paycheck, a new suit, and a steak dinner in a fancy restaurant with a beautiful woman.

  10. 15

    "No one wants to work anymore?" Rubbish.The truth? No one wants to work for abysmally low wages anymore. That's where a federal jobs guarantee comes in.

  11. 16

    BREAKING: CNN is humiliated as California Governor Gavin Newsom gives a brilliant response to a gotcha question about President Biden’s age.

    It all started when CNN host Dana Bash accused Newsom of “downplaying concerns” about Biden’s age — and then asked Newsom if voters should be concerned that “President Biden will be 86 by the end of his second term if he gets reelected.”

    Newsom responded perfectly, taking a shot at Trump, “With all due respect, we tried a celebrity for four years — and it didn’t go very well.”

    Newsom continued, “I want a seasoned pro that knows how to get things done. I’m a little old-fashioned. I want a guy who produces results — and the results for Biden are in, and it’s been an absolute masterclass.

    There’s simply no administration in my lifetime that’s been more effective and produced more substantive results for the American people.”

    VERY well said, Governor Newsom! Trump might be a bit younger, but he was in unmitigated disaster for America — while President Biden has done a great job in the face of unprecedented opposition.

    Age is nothing but a number.

  12. 17

    Hypocrisy defines the Republican party!

    Republicans have said NOTHING about

    Lauren Boebert's Prostitute glamour gown,

    or behavior during the

    'G' rated family event,


    John Fetterman's "Hoody" is NOT

    appropriate attire, & is a bridge too far

    for these Republicans, lol.

  13. 20

    Now that the dress code is gone ….. I want to see world famous "stylists" getting hired and promoted by these government officials…. but they better be careful in choosing the correct party to work for 🙂

  14. 24
    Crazy 4U

    The USA has become a joke. Video games babies and crackhead babies grown up now running the country into the dirt ; a damned shame.

  15. 27
    Molly Marcone

    Fetternan needs to dress like someone who represents one of the highest seats in our United States Congress !
    He is representing the United States of America not a sweaty smelly gymnasium!
    How degrading and indulging! Not only that , he talks like he’s oblivious to the world!
    This is very very embarrassing!
    Mexican-Americans for Trump 2024!

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