Ex-prosecutor says Trump just shot himself in both feet

Former President Donald Trump said that he received counsel from numerous people shortly after the 2020 election but that it was his decision to push the false claim he won the presidency and try to overturn the results. #CNN #News

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  1. 3
    Ron Norman

    Nevermind what Joe Biden is doing to this country never mind Ukraine is blackmailing Joe Biden taking taxpayer dollars nevermind that though right

  2. 6
    Mitch Cumstien

    CNN the most trusted name in news 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂how is this fake news network still on the air these people are pathetic

  3. 7
    Armando Larade

    The biggest reason for not electing a republican for president is this, they almost all said they would pardon Trump and of course Trump will pardon all of his followers who are in prison right now if he's reelected. This is campaign ad gold…

  4. 14
    Jiminy's Cricket

    it's been 8 years of trump non-stop on CNN and FOX and we're still clutching our pearls over another "shocking story"? gimme a break. he's on NBC talking to his base. remember when these exact same round tables were new in 2017?

  5. 18
    Thomas Murphy

    You people are seriously dumb. If you listen then the president said it was my decision to believe it was rigged because of the lawyers spoke to. He's not some Biden being led by the nose. 😂these charges open the door for everyone to see the evidence and this arm of the propaganda branch of the DNC won't be able to keep you from seeing it.😅

  6. 27

    Listening to legal counsel by two different law experts have different views of the law. In law school they learn to argue both sides of a case. Legal counsel is just that counsel. There was a time in the United States when no Attorney could run for any government office. That was a good law. Look at where we are and how leaders conduct themselves today in DC. They disrespect and ignore the law. Why? Because they have special access to the legal system. The legal system is controlled by the same organization that many of officials including presidents belong to. No person that is aware how family law courts operate in the best interest of breaking down the American family. Today, most men will never get married or want any children. Many men are going to other countries to find a wife that will respect and love them. US culture did not get here without a plan that has been working to destroy the family unit, and destroy the foundations this country was built upon. A very study of the UN agenda on the surface looks nice, but the plan to make it happen is already upon the world. We are almost ready to begin another final chapter of the Greek-Roman World Empire called the New World Order.

  7. 28

    Honest citizens that are willing to set aside all biases based upon who they voted for wants honest elections. There is so much video and audio made public during that election that has put forth enough evidence to have big concerns about a fair and honest conduct by all those who have control of the voting process.
    The public is not ignorant when people came forth and said there was no corruption in the voting process without investigation of the facts first before speaking. People really are ignorant and not well educated on how evil only hurts their own interests.

    Today, too many people are put into office by special interest groups. People want power, control, and the ability to force their own agenda or some secret agenda of a much larger evil plan that has grown into serious cancer that has brought a crisis into all the Nations of the world. Create crisis and then send in some New Wolrd Order King to rule us all. Yes, it is happening and nothing will stop it. We are returning to past history when the world again will be control by a civil and religious power that will say they have come to save the world from ourselves.
    Soon if you don't comply with the World Agenda which will include no guns for personal protection, and a forced day of worship for the purpose of giving Mother Earth a day of rest and the family a day of required rest. Listen to the smoothest talker that speaks peace and safety and is the most powerful man living on the Earth yesterday and today you would figure all this out. Today, both religious and non-religious people who are watching the world events know something terrible is about to take place on this planet.

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