Dagen McDowell: This is called ‘morononomics’

Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., discusses several Democratic lawmakers asking the Federal Reserve to stop banks and financial institutions from financing the fossil fuel industry on ‘The Bottom Line’. #foxbusiness #thebottomline

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  1. 1
    U L Y' S P U P U L Y' S

    Nope, this i$h now called…!!!

    "'B I D E N O L I G A R C H I N O M I C $"'…!!!


    "'J O E N N N O C C C H I O' $ B I D H E I N O U $ – H E I N O U $ I N N U R A N U $"'…!!!

  2. 16
    Joe Crosswhite

    biden imported at least 3 million voters (illegals) if they get a drivers license should have the word "illegal" written in red on their license they shoud not be allowed to vote they arent citizen and should have no rights here in america

  3. 18

    We need climate change in the office ! Trump is one smart president ! Trump is for the people ! You can't take what America runs on away ! Drill baby drill ! Trump 2024

  4. 19
    Stanley Miller

    Moronomics I like it,,,but seriously BIDENOMICS is workin,,,I can see it everytime I go to the grocery store or fill up my car,,,I cant spend my money fast enough…

  5. 22
    Cory Wilhelm

    Yeah……you'd know, being the biggest moron in the room. I'm a conservative American who wants things right. I can't appreciate what you call dialogue or commentary, while you yourself act like a child, who has the best insult, instead of solutions. Shut your stupid, unintelligible mouth.

  6. 28
    vernon runyan


  7. 32

    This climate change bullsh** has
    got to stop some top scientist has got to show these idiots that their friend china & india are biggest polluters

  8. 34

    FOX can you get this to Neils? desk: Hey Neil, why do you keep giving all the Marxist/Democrats a platform while you sit and smile like pumpkin and not say a word???? I just heard Biden has the mental acuity and you said not one word about his gaffs and global embarrassment every time he speaks????? You smiled???,lol,,,You do this all the time, never dispute, maybe once we saw it, learn some facts.Thought you would have been fired when Sheppard was fired!

  9. 39
    James Wilson

    1:20 "Why the war on domestic energy, I can't understand it" Open your eyes, it's called Marxism! If you can't identify it then we'll lose this war on America. Wake the hell up!

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