Watch Ukraine helicopters assault Russian position

CNN’s Fred Pleitgen details new footage released by Ukrainian forces from a battle against Russia in Eastern Ukraine. #CNN #News

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  1. 3

    I wonder if the teleprompter was written wrong or this host is purposefully mis pronouncing Kadyrov as Kadryov.

  2. 6
    SATAN 2

    Any information coming out of CNN is one big lie. Infact it has got to the point where if CNN says the US president Joe Biden , I will immediately doubt that Biden is the US president.

  3. 9
    Tanner Rocha

    God bless Biden and god bless the free world that fights for freedom. If we as humans unite we will accomplish not having the mass extinction of man kind

  4. 13
    Ehis George

    Gravely ill with no evidence to back up this absurdity. This CNN lady is gifted in lies and stupidities with her serpentine face. Are Ukrainians planting their flags in Azov Sea beaches and Crimea now?

  5. 17
    Vernon Maldonado

    NATO Allies must give Ukraine EVERYTHING it needs. That Ukraine wins this war and the saving of Ukrainian llves is the most important thing for the world and all of NATO. Get it done.

  6. 20
    Misha Illich

    How little sensitivity these leaders have, Ukraine has suffered the massacre of its citizens with thousands of deaths by an invading country and they ask Ukraine to give in, the question is if their countries were invaded would they also give in? The answer would hardly be the one that they ask.

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