Biden’s energy secretary: I had ‘poor judgment’ in EV charging station confrontation #shorts

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm addressed her controversial electric vehicle road tour on Capitol Hill Thursday.

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  1. 7
    John Cantu

    It's the democrats wanting to be in control over the American people with no backlash. They want to sell off America and make the people pay for it Slavery in a new format!

  2. 9
    Big G

    Yeah, China and India and I think there’s five other countries are the major polluters in the world. America is one of the bottom ones, but they’re destroying our country and our economy for global warming yet the allow these other countries to pollute all they want makes no sense we can’t use our oil in our country but we can buy Venezuela star and refined it and use it makes no!!!

  3. 15
    Olaf Chang

    This whole inept adminisration is a mistake , and everyone of us is paying fir it . Yes , everyone even the libs that supported dems.

  4. 17
    Livingston B

    We the people are F*****. Pure evil is loose an are using tactics of wickedness. May the most high GOD put a end to it all. The wrath is upon the world.

  5. 21
    Jeremy Thompson

    Let's go men and women since there are only two genders. Let's go knock on the White House doors and if they don't answer, we're going host parties, game and outdoor competitions.

  6. 26
    Jeff Brace

    It's all done to cripple this country. The border, funding Ukraine, gender bs, every move this puppet administration makes follows new world order agenda

  7. 28
    Geoff W

    It’s not an administration it’s a criminal cartel. We HAVE to get all libs out of office if we are going to save our country and that won’t be enough. They can’t live here anymore. They have gone insane

  8. 29
    Antonio R

    Not one of Biden’s appointees has any clues about their positions. They were chosen by which boxes they checked. Forgot to check I am qualified.
    FJB and his worthless administration

  9. 32
    Lawrence Q

    If we are truly a democracy then just vote these guys out of office. However, we are not a democracy we're a Democratic Republic. So there is a process, we just need to make sure we as citizens do our part, and never vote Democrat again until they prove they really care about the average united States citizen. If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

  10. 34
    Everett L. Canaday II

    Jennifer Granholm the Secretary of Energy. Should have her home raided by the FBI at 4am. With the FBI having their automatic weapons drawn. Take her and her family out of the house. With their guns pointed at her and her family. Her home earched and all computers confiscated. Then arrest her for LYING TO CONGRESS.

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