‘We’re dealing with the devil,’ foreign policy expert warns

America First Policy Institute senior fellow Steve Yates analyzes China’s political influence in Taiwan and efforts to stop the CCP’s alleged fentanyl drug trade. #FOXBusiness

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  1. 3

    THE DEVIL is in the USA AMARICA is Not Wholy knocket it off the Booogie men live Hear right knoww the boogi man is Not coming the boogie man is Hear

  2. 5

    All of us have been touched by this poison all over the United States 🇺🇸 they hitting us hard with this fentinal pandemic 😢 so sorry for your loss, Steve and all you viewer's also 🙏 if u have been hit with his in your family. 😢

  3. 17

    America you think Joe Biden isn't truly working for China here's a good reason why a lot of people think he is Joe Biden's border crisis has started basically a civil war within the country at this time Joe Biden is taking National Guard from Nebraska and making them go down to Texas and work against Texas because of this Alaska is going to send its National Guard to Texas to help Texas do you not see the problem here Alaska just lost its National Guard wow Russia and China keep using military power to invade the Alaskan border and you don't think Joe Biden's not been working with China because really his administration couldn't figure this big problem out right here they leave the country vulnerable yet again under Joe Biden's Administration and nobody's calling this out really why the hell not I'm just saying

  4. 18

    Everything is spot on except painting the KMT as pessimists and weak on China. KMT built the military that the DPP immediately weakened 8 years ago by cutting pensions and not investing. KMT built the 92 consensus that was a status quo, stable and peaceful situation. The economy boomed and there was peace. The DPP prefers being Ukraine depending on US weapons. The U.S. is not dependable and Taiwan is at great risk depending on the U.S. Just look at Ukraine. China will not attack, just blockade. So easy and low risk. Should happen before our elections.

  5. 24

    What are yall talking about. Americans sell there souls to devil for money n fame here in united States. Where do you all have the right to throw stones at the Chinese. Dont yall know shiolin monks break those same stones with there bare hands. Yall dont know a dam thing it is your talking about. Shut the hell up and quit with the American propaganda.

  6. 28

    We must keep gangs and affiliates of gangs away from our networks. All of them. Background checks, Vulnerable people, and everything else needs to be checked.

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