This dad is suing a hospital for witnessing his wife’s c-section birth #shorts

An Australian judge reportedly dismissed the case, where one dad claimed the operation left him with ‘a psychotic illness.’

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  1. 6
    Tina Brockmeyer

    I, as a woman who has had children. I believe men need to be back in the waiting room. I have seen too many men faint ,vomit, and loose it. To many men say they don't see their wife's the same after seeing them have children.

  2. 13
    April Eden

    😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤢 thats what he thought 🤢 but if he could not have watched it he would have sued i feel the man has issues

  3. 14

    What the heck? Was he strapped down and forced to watch?!
    I understand it would be uncomfortable to see a loved ones blood, etc. Just leave! I'm sure mom successfully had the baby with support in the delivery room!!
    I do hope the judge charged him for this in court room, many fathers attend C sections. They truly appreciate child birth and the woman having their child!!

  4. 23
    Rock Daddy

    My wife had a normal delivery and I was there and it left me with psychotic illness. I was hooked at seeing my kid being born and had to see the next 3.

  5. 29

    I sat there and observed my wife's c section for our first child and even held my son. Yes, my wife's intestines were pulled out onto her stomach but I was amazed not traumatized. This guy is just a limp whimp.😂

  6. 31
    Garry Wells

    I want to be with my wife when she has hers just to be by her side and the hospital refuses can I sue them? As for this baby suck it up you got to see your baby come into the world and I'm sure they told you what to expect, he worse than a baby

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