These jobs will be gone by the end of the Biden admin: Kevin Hassett

‘The Drift’ author Kevin Hassett reacts to the UAW strike on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. 3

    Never had these problems until old man Biden, looks like good ole common since would tell you, get rid of old man Biden ! Fjb

  2. 4
    Ken Cleg

    Just make the dam cars and put a few ev in there everyone’s different and have different needs can’t wait for a ev conversion shop to open up. A new way to go that’s all Canadian mech shop Dede v w and other types of old cars and truck not taking my rig over 300 miles it would work for me And old bronco w and electric motor ? Not sure how ac defrost and heat comes to play ? But

  3. 10
    Randall Frank

    You are wrong Larry, the vast majority of the UAW membership voted for Joe and his economic policies. They wanted Joe, they will pay the price more than the rest of us.

  4. 12
    Brian Jewell

    It's very simple..Don't vote for a Democrat in 2024! How foolish can people be!! I thought it would have changed in the midterms last November but it didn't. So unless we vote these fools out, your going to have these problems over and over again. Wake up folks….

  5. 15
    Tom Riddle

    UAW folks, buy as much TSLA as possible now. Borrow against your home while you can. ( I listen to Steven Mark Ryan on YouTube.)

  6. 18
    Tortured Soul

    Biden is not the problem. The problem is that Republicans do not have an organized plan of attack against the dem's push for socialism. Republican congress members are not joining together to attack each and everything dems are doing and they need to do that and more. Otherwise, we will watch the end of civilized society turns into a barbaric society.
    I do not see any bills being passed that will counter what the dems are doing. You there for your lunch or did you come to work?

  7. 19
    Troy Berecz

    The real deal here is there won't be a transfer of ownership to EVs. The common folk can't afford them. Then, there is an environmental nightmare of batteries. No one can afford those either. The bottom line is that he'll choke out the car-building industry as he has done others. Doom, despair, and agony on me…whoa!

  8. 22
    Gustavo G Sepulveda

    Term Limits , Term Limits , and No more Pensions for anyone in Office …

    Stop making Congress their Home , and no more FREE anything ,

    If they get FREE Healthcare everyone gets Free Healthcare …

  9. 24
    Jeff L

    As a small biz owner I can tell you we see the recession before anybody else and it is here! Thanks' to this stupid administration we are all doomed until they are GONE!

  10. 25
    William Kelly

    What nobody understands and nobody is talking about electric cars are not I repeat not the answer they’re more pollution in the long run in the cars lifecycle then a combustion engine car

  11. 27
    Robert Miller

    "In the United States, the richest 1 percent of Americans own 55 percent of the country’s wealth, while a larger share of working-age people (18-65) live in poverty than in any other nation belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (O.E.C.D.)."

    They have us Tied with Haiti in last place of member nations.

  12. 28
    Robert Miller

    Time GM and Ford were gone – the 50 year war on labor and the fact A toyota is the most american made car any bozo can assemble a car today Elon proves this we do not need these companys especially when the tax payers are footing GM's retirement.

    These worthless companies should have been put to rest in the 2008 collapte.

  13. 33

    There is talk now of taxing the miles you drive EV's because of the tax revenue that is not being recovered at the pump. Where will that take us?

  14. 34
    Kris taber

    UAW strikers should get nothing but a pink slip overpaid workers who couldn't save a nickel should not get a bailout by the taxpayers proof of the laziness of a union worker

  15. 36
    Lou Casas

    Biden being Obama's pupit is destroying our economy. And if he is re-elected America will crumble and fall to Socialist life for all of us!!

  16. 39
    Galveston Fossils

    Question: Did the UAW realize this when they endorsed Biden or were they just among the suckers that thought they would be paid off? Who voted for this mess? The deception of BIDENOMICS. Basically CHINANOMICS.

  17. 40

    President J. b. basically has destroyed our country by leaving the border open! WHY??????? That will have a serious evil trickle effect by possibly having more crime, have to dish out tons of money for illegal immigrants, he has made our inflation the worst ever. And wasting tons of money to Ukraine & not doing anything for Maui people! Theres alot more negatives he has done. POOR America is going down the drain! America was always the leader of the world. Now China is quickly moving in 1st place. Wow!!! CAN'T believe it!!! If we don't have a new Administration in 2024? AMERICA possibly will end up looking and living like a 3rd world county. So so sad. WHAT A MESS! this last 3 years has been the worst nightmare EVER!!! CAN'T believe i'm expériencing these crazy times. Just hope GOD can help AMERICA out and do the right thing. This is bad! Theres gonna be so much crime due to the president trashing our country. God PLs Help our Country to get back to where it was 4 yrs ago… 😢 pleeeaaassseee! AMEN!!!.

  18. 43

    Do those people in Washington not know that the Jobs they are killing are paying the TAXES that they are Spending. Can't have it both WAYS!!!! TRUMP 2024🎉

  19. 44
    Roland Gelinas

    Had my Ford F 150 serviced and looked in the showroom and saw a F150 lightning with sticker price of $100,000 and it was not the top of the line. I laughed in the salesman’s face told them where to put the lightning

  20. 45
    Leta voss

    Sounds like the UAW leadership couldn’t care less about their rank and file.I’m sure the Democrats and the UAW leadership will claim victory regardless of the settlement agreement but those Democrat policies of the mindless”green agenda “ will bury the workers.Go ahead UAW workers keep voting Democrat.

  21. 46
    marc barribeau

    I have no desire or the money to be able to afford EV . Let alone the technology isnt there or the infa structure. The scarestthing is bidens orders on military to go electric this is a crazy .im sure enemies will wait for us to charge a tank and other suport vehicals to keep are troops safe during a war . China will run over are troops if these electrics are msndaited in miltary . Biden has no clue what is reality just look at afganistan for proof that this man is inept and should never have held office oeriod let alone the white house my god he is a moron

  22. 47


  23. 49
    ardith conley

    America does not build cars. We only assemble them. Parts are made from all over the world that used to be made her. Example of what I am saying is the Fisher Body Plant in Columbus Ohio is not a Gambling hall. All those good high paying union jobs are gone. We do not need places to spend money we need places to make money. Tenn is a right to work state which is killer on unions.

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