The Biden admin has ‘empowered’ Iran: K. T. McFarland

Retired Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard and former deputy national security adviser K. T. McFarland discuss the U.S. striking Iranian militia sites in Syria on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. 1

    HAMAS and Israeli are both terrorists and having killed children and vulnerable people but one side has killed 10 times more than the other with USA money to back them up, the truth hurts. Joe Biden is the only yank who can stop this now

  2. 14

    Biden needs to be kicked out of America, not just being kicked out of office. If us Americans don't grow a pair pretty soon it'll all be over.

  3. 18

    Biden has been the worst for this country. He had no BUISNESS becoming a president. Something is seriously wrong with America today. I wish so badly this was the 80s again. Back in the day this country had everything going for it. Corrupt greedy politicians have totally ruined our country. Completely sold us out, for their selfish greed for money. Is it even possible to have a decent person run our country anymore. They are just ruining us. And ruining everything thing we stand for

  4. 27

    How many bombs did America drop on Afghanistan🇦🇫 ??? YouTube owned by American corporation SO easy to block my comment!! BUT we live in the neighbourhood🇮🇷 YOU DON’T!! ✌️

  5. 36

    The greatest threat to America?

    China… no
    Iran… no
    Russia… no

    The Uni-Party and the endless war machine commonly known as the Democrats and RINOs

  6. 37

    Look this is nothing like dessert storm Days as far as military action, Israel is empowering the proxies …so what happens if they go all out at Israel,we supposed to get dragged in too , make some more allies on the Arab or back up

  7. 42

    People so smart their stupid, are running D.C., or this is all been done intentionally. Take your pick but it's one, or the other. This isn't multiple choice…

  8. 44

    It’s a revolving door of people all repeating the same things over and over. Another talking head, another stream of the exact same thing, no deviation. This is the hive mind. The demon hive mind.

  9. 45

    WellI was just wondering Is this parts of Democrats Green Deal ?? They want to forbid folks gasolins cars and at the same time bombing the earth ,,Does it make sence to you ??

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