Some Republicans hopeful new House speaker will support impeaching Joe Biden #shorts

The House looks to get back to work after electing Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., as speaker.

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  1. 7

    What he insure the American people don't suffer because of his actions.. Take all of Biden $$/assets. Confinscat until end of trial. Distribute to the people

  2. 11

    He knows what is needed. An impeachment is well overdue. As an American, I’m saddened by how our government is run. How can any of you Congress ppl stand yourselves?

  3. 13

    Didn’t Nancy ‘let them eat cake’ Polosi advocate for DJT impeachment? She tore his state of the union speech on live television! The Democratic leadership aren’t the best we have, and the lowlifes in media aren’t honest.

  4. 16

    Republicans don't need a Christofascist Speaker to support impeachment, they need some EVIDENCE to support impeachment. So far they've been failing to do so for YEARS, and they're just hoping to get a Senate majority of fellow traitors so they don't need no stinkin' evidence.

  5. 18

    He tried is damnedest to ignore McCarthy's inquiry. Biden keeps digging the hole deeper, no one in the Democratic party can cover or account for his obscenely incompetent behavior.

  6. 20

    Let see if he really is what he said he is
    Because he opposed to impeach Trump and they had evidence
    No evidence they have only hearsay
    Trump is being looking for evidence since 2019 and nothing

  7. 22

    They have enough to impeach the moron even if he wasn't corrupt, which he is and everyone knows
    Let a lone the crook is senile.

  8. 25

    Who he needs to protect is not Republicans in swing districts. He needs to protect the United States against our enemy, who sometimes visits the White House from Delaware.

  9. 26

    He's a white Evangelical who has devoted his entire life to the so-called unborn. Is a ten commandment lawyer and would not notice if Trump tried to overthrow the government. He will do as he is told by his handlers at fox.

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