Larry Kudlow: The White House isn’t happy about this

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow reacts to the UAW strike on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. 3
    Amy Kz

    😅 real piece of s*** might just go back to your f**** there is he home no I said f**** nursing home Trump everybody can say what the f*** do you want I can too free speech Pinterest but it should be sent to my f**** phone

  2. 5

    CPI cumulative effect is about 35% since Biden took office. They need a significant increase just to survive.

  3. 7
    Trappist 1D

    "Thinking about selling" ad on my YouTube feed. So you're planning to lie about me and trash tongue me to the plasma donation center like you did to the food shelf?
    That's extortion and that's on digital forensics on my YouTube feed.
    I want an investigation and disciplinary action against the sender immediately please.

    I request that the Republicans in both Houses of Congress please circulate this comment immediately.

  4. 8
    Norman Bennett

    What part of this that you seem not to understand this man Biden and Democrats is Crazy in Love with Billions of illegal Mexicans and Chinese people or Any kind of Foreigned person to Steal America Taxpayers Money to Support Billions of illegal Foreigned people of all kind that is the Real reason for the American Government Shutdown from all the Trillions of America Money is being spent on paying bills for Foreigned people not Earning anything in America by breaking the law entering America.

  5. 9
    Terrell Phillips

    The only "Pro-American Workers' President
    is Trump".

    But, "foolishly trusting" corrupt Union Bosses in-league WITH Imbecile Biden's Crazy EV Policies is Selling-Out American Labor and
    is not going to end well. American
    Union Workers realize too late Biden's
    "Build Down, Down, Down Broken" isn't
    "A word to the wise is sufficient."

  6. 18
    Toni Calloway

    First of all..if Irish joe goes another 4yrs..that cost of living raise will make every worker a millionaire and the price of cars will go up and layoffs..a cost of living raise for workers already making 30dollars an hour?..they're living way better than half of america..240dollars a day,over a grand a week,4grand a month..who else makes that kind of luccj?..and with no college degree..big business sees bidenflation too,but they'll have to pay a cost of living and bidenhood taxes..I don't believe in weaponizing only leads to socialism and greed..the Temps make 20 dollars an tell me they're not already overpaid and with no college degree?..this is just the same as raising minimum wage..same's only good for said person,but horrible for the consumer..there were deals put on the table before the strike..nope..we want to strike because you made billions and we're entitled to a little gravy on our potatoes..the suto industry is losing control of its businesses to the Marxist union thugs..I feel sorry for smaller union run businesses..

  7. 20


  8. 23

    If those people don't want jobs, tgat pay $40 an hour give them to people that have families and need them.

  9. 25
    Thomas Kwiatkowski

    Every worker in our country should go on strike and demand a 47% raise just like the auto workers. This needs to happen immediately biden is with giving them that much of a raise. So let's see if the president is behind giving every worker in our country a 47%raise..wake up america everyone need to strike immediately and demand a 47%raise

  10. 28
    Yvon Duval

    who ever voted and are thinking of voting for the democRATS are supporting the destruction of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA , Biden is a disgrace the morons voted for the worst criminal ever , they are psycophate ,

  11. 33

    Meanwhile the tax, spend and print boys are milking it. You don't see what they are doing you deserve the poverty you will get.

  12. 38
    Joe Patriot

    Not only is Biden a POOR president, he actually S*CKS as an Actor. I can just imagine in my mind the CUE CARD: saying, "ACT ANGRY and SHOW EMOTION.

  13. 44
    David Gruver

    You for got to mention the trump pandemic that didn't have to be as bad as it was if only trump would have been honest to the American people. It's pretty simple Hu

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