‘LABOR HOARDING’: Expert reveals the largest layoff month of the year

KPMG chief economist Diane Swonk reacts to the surprising January jobs report and discusses the impact of the Fed’s next rate move on ‘Making Money.” #foxbusiness #makingmoney

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  1. 2

    Multiple job holders are a problem. You shouldn't need multiple jobs to afford to live. This means companies' wages haven't kept up with the costs of living and inflation. Someone shouldn't have to work multiple jobs to survive.

  2. 7

    This was the same lady that was arguing with Peter Schiff that the economy was great in 2006 and that there wasn't a housing bubble on live television. Just another paid shill.

  3. 9

    This KPMG must be a democrat trying to say for profits businesses are labor hoarding, that is not a strategy for any business and is story telling…the bad economy has forced citizens to take extra jobs…

  4. 11

    Why is the media LEARNING DISABLED?

    How many times, month after month after month do they CONTINUE to believe the data that comes out of the Biden government that he brags about.
    Then a couple of months later, the number is revised DOWN, sometimes by as much as HALF and totaling about 500,000 in 2023.

    The other FACT is that whenever Kudlow breaks down the numbers, somewhere between HALF to 80% of the 'new' jobs are GOVERNMENT jobs, which do NOT contribute to, but rather COST the economy, as those people are paid with not only TAX money, but BORROWED tax money!

    By the time the TRUE picture is known, it is two months old and the madia allows it to be gone and forgotten, just as it was in THIS show.

    Why do they CONTINUE to get all excited about lofty numbers that they know are LIES that will be revised DOWN 60% AFTER Biden has had time to brag about them, usually inflating them even more in the process with his usual fantasty tags: "More than any other president in HISTORY", etc.

    So, FOX, stop critisizinh CNN anc MSNBC as long as you do the SAME thing, only disquised as 'buisness news' instead of what it is: PROPAGANDA.

  5. 17

    And now for something completely different….Jesus brings us comfort. Jesus brings us joy and hope, knowing that He removed all of our sins at Calvary. If you need some teaching on the matter, the you tube channel, 'faith cometh by hearing' has a fine teaching series titled, 'change of mind' which helped me understand the matter.

  6. 20

    Growth coming in the Tech sector/ EV sector/ AI sectors in 2024 which delivers more High-paying jobs. Fisker ..FSR up 5 %.. Expanding to North America, meaning more service and delivery/ sales jobs. XOS acquiring Solo to increase large EV truck manufacturing. Polestar.. Rivian building more manufacturing facilities,etc.

  7. 24

    One thing I always expected from my taxpayer dollars is factual statistical reporting from any federal agencies with no interpretation. That's the job of biased Press & politicians. Hopefully, those in business, military, domestic, security, labor, and finance will demonstrate objectively. What I now demand from the Feds is an specific definition, calculation and reporting of data by law. Failure to report properly or data heresy means loss of FUNDING, until those criminals are identified and indicated. Will not happen, will it?

  8. 27

    Im not seeing this growth they are talking about? Best sense 1991? I do agree about the multiple jobs but that's because they need extra income to afford the high prices!

  9. 28

    Well if I was willing to work for 16 hours at 6 dollars an hour I’m sure someone would be willing to employ me. I applied for a position to pick up trash in an office and you know what they told me? “We have better qualified people.” To pick up trash!?!? What kind of an excuse is that for this job? They didn’t even try to play it off

  10. 29

    Not according to ABC there was more job in January then it has ever been the pay is higher and people are doing good with the high prices in the economy I don't see but what ever 😕

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