Kevin O’Leary: This is a nail in the coffin for those hoping for May rate cuts

‘Kudlow’ panelists John Carney, Kevin O’Leary and Douglas Holtz-Eakin react to the economy adding 353k jobs in January

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  1. 5

    When % inflation surpasses % wage increases that is an inflationary depression. I think that has been happening for decades; however, not to the degree it is happening now. Uncle Sam’s solution is to dole out more government assistance. Whether it be welfare, low interest housing loans, HUD subsidies, small business loans through the SBA n ETC. Many ignorant beneficiaries view this assistance as a Savior riding in on a White Horse n rescuing them from dire circumstances. The truth of the matter being, Uncle Sam caused the crisis by ignorance or a deliberate plan and consequently, acquiring greater influence over a larger % of the populace particularly, those that exercise their liberty to vote!

  2. 6

    Just manifest low rates chase will even back those people's 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. 7

    Wage gains are BS. Why did they lower work week to 34 hrs for wage calcs. We know why. These stats are incorrect. No one is ahead in the middle class.

  4. 9

    "So . . . . . . . When Can I Make It Doing One Full Time Job Or Less?"

    "Teaching A Horse To Est Less & Less & Eventually Breathe Air . . . Then Eventually Not Wale Up?"



  5. 10

    I'm disgusted with how stupid America has become. Government jobs, people directly employed as permanent government employees, are not real jobs of the economy, they are parasitic of the economy, a drag on taxpayers and they are jobs paid for with debt. They should not be counted as a real job. We have dropped so low in expectation that we now call 200K jobs created a 'great jobs report' when a large portion of those jobs are people taking on 2nd or 3rd part time jobs trying to survive this inflation in living costs that the FED says doesn't exist.

  6. 11

    You only speak of money. Because you are poor. You are boring at the extrème. You should talk about Love , Jesus Christ and Hannah Arendt. I don't like your EXTREME vulgarity and COMPLACENCY.

  7. 12

    Why are they talking like the jobs numbers are actually accurate? They’ve been revised down 11 of the last 12 months a couple months after they come out when nobody’s looking.

  8. 14

    Wrong again! The numbers are not the numbers. The establishment survey is a manipulated hoax. The unadjusted household survey is the truth (-1,036,000 full time jobs).

  9. 26

    I don't even know what stratosphere you people live in My state lost four big companies in 2023 big companies close their doors later people out what Google all these big tech companies are laying on what stratosphere do you people live in I don't cost some gasoline cost of food cost of rent cost of mortgage payments no more inflation I must be missing something in the translation

  10. 29

    I think this should be the best time to put cash to work rather than allow it lie waste to inflation. I'm ready to invest about $350k of my savings in stocks. I just need ideas on how to navigate the bear markets and other sectors to diversify

  11. 35

    The unemployment number should never be taken seriously. People who no longer qualify for unemployment are not counted so the number goes down. It’s a political number

  12. 39

    How do you get easy productivity gains? You reduce the hours of full timers to part time so you can cut their benefits, thereby reducing labor cost and increasing productivity.

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