Jim Jordan: There’s ‘all kinds of contradictions’ in Garland’s testimony

Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Russell Fry, R-S.C., discuss the key takeaways from Attorney General Merrick Garland’s testimony on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #foxbusiness #theeveningedit

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  1. 1
    Rex Haney

    America's got to stand up and go to their party will show him who's The real Americans they're bringing this party to us we didn't ask for it so we'll be going to their party yes we will for American people we're not going to stand out our forefathers and our ancestors want us to rise up and join the party true red-white-and-blue Patriots know what the hell I'm talking about God bless let's stand and fight with a straight spine and never stand down too trash

  2. 2
    Rex Haney

    They are committing perjury they Purge themselves so many times they need that old-fashioned party it's coming because they're bringing it to us we didn't ask for this party it's coming it's boiling up like a part on a hot fire it's getting out of control

  3. 3
    Rex Haney

    He should shut up he's against religion his family's against religion the whole Democrat party in the White House against our God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ get rid of this trash

  4. 4
    Rex Haney

    What they're doing is not legal it's totally against the law in the people should stand up and arrest them we the people for the people by the people should put them in jail and prosecuted because we have the right to bear arms against their government and they're trying to take it away our forefathers set these constitutional rights and a lot of them come from the Bible

  5. 5
    Rex Haney

    Garlin acts like he doesn't have to listen to the president the president is his boss these clowns who are full of trash don't need to be in government they're all liars they been lying under oath why aren't they being impeached and prosecuted for the crimes they have committed

  6. 6
    Rex Haney

    Jim Jordans a good man he can get things done because he's a good man he believes in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we are behind you one-hundred percent may the Lord protect you and your family from the evilness in the white house and all evil of this world of today God bless you and your beautiful family God bless America in God we trust amen

  7. 7
    tony anthony

    Whilst the thoughtlessness fast talking Jim Jordan is busy playing Trump’s underboss instead of working for Ohioan’s and American people, when are his sexual abuse victims gonna get justice?

  8. 8

    “Appalled”? As in deer in the headlight? Garland should have heads roll. He is in charge. Such nonsense and BS. We as citizens are appalled. He needs to talk real action. Of course he won’t.

  9. 12
    Daniel Ernst

    Yes and for a man in his position to play ring around the rosary with we the people and to just keep corruption growing is unimaginable that he's still got his job just shows just how deep the corruption is seated in our government . Personally I think we the people should demand justice or they all are fired no benefits.

  10. 15
    Avalynne Wilby

    And there are all sorts of contradictions in the proposed impeachment ? Jordan fled the room when it was pointed out he was almost 500 day of denying a sudpeona. Jim would know all about double standards. He wants subpeonas to apply to every one but him. Hypocracy is evident every time Jim opens his mouth.

  11. 18

    Jim Jordan is all over the place. He's complaining about justice when he has been ignoring a congressional subpoena for over 500 days. And they won't tell you that on Fox News.

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