‘INCOMPETENCE’: Biden, Mayorkas blasted for handling of US border crisis

Rep. French Hill, R-Ark., joins ‘The Evening Edit’ to weigh in on President Biden’s handling of the U.S. economy and growing migrant encounters on the southern border.

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  1. 1

    America this is not about hate anymore…this is the Communist/Socialist DemoRATS DESTROYING THE CONSTITUTION & FREEDOM !! Biden destroys the future for everyone!! 👹👺🦝

  2. 7

    It's very obvious to me that this president is an idiot and is not calling the shots. The ones who are in control is the upper 1 percent. The Trilateral commission aka W.E.F. and the not so secret society of billionairs who are in positions of power, making us think we have a choice by voting, are the ones who are destroying this country. The greedy bankers who get bailed out by the taxpayers and the Federal Reserve are responsible for this mess. And to think that Janet Yellen who had a top position in the Federal Reserve is now wotking for the treasure department! Doesn't anyone see what's really going on? Or are most Americans really that stupid, or they just don't give a rats behind. Well, wait till the stock market crashes and and the Federal Reserve notes are no longer good and everyone loses their 401k's promised pensions, etc. then they will start caring but it will be to late. Get ready to lose your freedom and get the "mark" because it's not if but when the collapse of America happens. It has already begun! And yet so many are totally clueless to current events and the hardship that will soon be upon all of us! 😮

  3. 10

    French Hill referring to Mayorkas as “incompetent” is honestly laughable. No, it’s INTENTIONAL you f’n complicit moron. The so-called “Republicans” like Rep. Hill are the ones who are incompetent here. They don’t do anything to stop this evil destruction being perpetrated on the country by the Democrats. They blatantly ignore and/or participate in it. We’ve watched the “Republicans” help the Democrats increase the debt/spending & have held zero Biden officials accountable for their treason (Mayorkas, Wray, Biden, etc). The GOP in large is pathetic & ineffective on virtually every front even when they have the power/majority. There’s no fiscal responsibility with the party at all. It’s a joke. You watch, even with the Govt shutdown looming in a couple weeks, the Republicans will likely team up with the Democrats & increase the budget well beyond taxpayer generated revenue, they’ll gladly send Israel & Ukraine more money to fuel more international conflict, etc.

  4. 15

    Three years too late. Worst four years of our lives. That’s what the Joe Biden presidency will be. No getting around it at this point.

  5. 18

    Go to the country you are seeking to leave to get asylum from that country and ask them if you can seek asylum in the US because you are being persecuted by the country you are in seeking their permission to leave. The interviewer did not call him on that stupidity 😮

  6. 19

    Mayorkas planned to let all the immigrants in!!! This is not a matter of incompetance! This was planned well before Hillary lost the 2016 election to President Trump!!! Mayorkas and FJBiden planned as far back as 2015!

  7. 23

    It is crazy what´s happen to United States. but this is the same here in Europe those crazy riche leftists will ruin our countries. This is not immigration this is invasion

  8. 25

    My greatest worry is how do we recover from the current economic and global challenges, particularly considering the ongoing political power tussle in the states.

  9. 26

    It's bizarr but it would seem the politcos want our country outright taken over and destroyed. It seems a crazy thought cause it would effect them too. But it becomes more apparent every day that something very sinister is playing out.

  10. 28

    And who’s money are they using to pay all these people our money, the taxpayers money and we didn’t approve it either so he is going against the constitution to protect and serve the people and the constitution

  11. 30

    They want the million new people to take place of Americans working basically at barely surviving wages , they want us all to be slaves and starve together . Get rid of these people

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