Hunter Biden will get subpoenaned, but when’s the appropriate time?, Kevin McCarthy asks #shorts

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy sits down with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo to discuss the Biden family’s business probe.

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  1. 1
    Laticia Lockleer

    The American public isn't interested in Hunter Biden at all! You punks are too scared of trump to go after any of them! They are the real crooked family! This is all a distraction!

  2. 7
    Curtis Thompson

    He has been committed treason ever since Biden been in office treason letting illegals and terrorists invade America sending money to terrorists Ukraine and illegals if that ain't enough to impeach so rigged

  3. 9
    kayc red

    If joe biden aint involved then fine but if hunter lied and created the illusion of him helping whoever he was messing with then he should get held accountable for that.
    The all of sudden rule of law party should care also since thats their excuse for why they still wanna get trump

  4. 10
    kayc red

    Well with the democrats,they’ll say its all political no matter what time.
    But its ok for them to go after one guy for 7 years now,cant believe 7 years and they’re still trying.
    They stopped all others effort and put it all into the get trump campaign.

  5. 12
    Gordon W

    The entire Biden crime family needs to be convicted of their many crimes, frauds and other things they've been doing for decades and put where they belong, PRISON !!!

  6. 18
    Savanah Mclary

    The Congress needs to get out of this impeachment business because the Congress is the "LAW" Making Branch of the GOVERNMENT!
    The SUPREME Court is the Judiciary and the "LAW' interpreting Branch of the GOVERNMENT!
    A SUPREME Court Justice should be appointed to the
    Joe Biden investigation. Start by seating a NON PARTISAN CITIZENS GRAND JURY! And allow the Grand Jury to DECIDE!

  7. 19
    From Jenny With Love

    There ya go. He said it. He wants to drag this sheet show on and on until something completely takes attention away and all this Biden corruption is swept under the rug. This is how the Republicans work.

  8. 20

    Biden is a criminal but because of his mental health he will never stand trial but he must be exposed along with his family

  9. 24
    Arthur Woolsey

    If Speaker McCarthy drags his feet with the Biden crime family , they are going to get away with everything , Republicans should have enough evidence of money laundering bribery that a first year law student could get a conviction.

  10. 27
    Stefan Robert

    The cat is out of the cage! Regardless it is ti late for the Biden’s and his entourage . Perhaps, who is behind all of this shame ;will get their day as well. 😮

  11. 37
    Stephen Z28

    He's so full of crap. They should have already impeached Joe for our open border and the extra 7 million illegals we have here now.

  12. 40
    Kelly Keys

    So many people are impatient. Any good attorney will tell you that a winning strategy usually involves being patient and collecting all the facts and information that you need.

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