How can the Biden admin address Iran?

Panelists Rich Lowry and Deroy Murdock unpack President Biden’s foreign policy agenda on ‘The Bottom Line.’

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  1. 1

    آمریکا اینگلیس فرانسه اروپا سازمان ملل دست از ساخت تروریست و حمایتش بردارید شما که نفت رو رایگان میبرید از خاورمیانه. ملاهای عرب در کشور ایران کارمندهای منظم خودتان هستن. مردم خاورمیانه بیدار شدن.دست از استعمار خاورمیانه بردارید.و کارمندهای خودتان رو برگردونید پیش خودتان.

  2. 2

    Certain hotspurs from the Revolutionary guard are voluntarily joining their cousins in Lebanon. That's just about it. The USA could stop chasing it's own mirror. The USA isn't exactly the axis of reason. Neither is the EUSSR. A common future with peace and prosperity is a choice. It's not rocket science. Very hands on.

  3. 3

    I love how everyone kicks President Biden, Do you want our military soilders coming in body bags. I think his doing the best to deter a bigger conflict. Where your sons and daughter will be sent to War. That man has to make hard decesions everyday to keep us safe.

  4. 8

    Here's an idea – declare a national emergency, have the entire Biden admin resign in disgrace and bring Trump back in to save what's left and start turning things around.

  5. 9

    Biden doesn't want to cause problems with Iran . Wants his Iran deal above anything else ,our security , Israelis. I can't figure out his reasoning .

  6. 12

    The Biden regime can't do anything about Iran's oil supply to China, because it would make them unhappy, and they own Joe. Our military leaders are no longer leaders. They didn't make it to the top thru heroic actions, but butt kissing.

  7. 13

    When make statements that said one thing and do something different it's called a lie and make a statements out of both sides of your mouth each statement opposite the other that bold face that means that person is a bold face lier now I will give you a hint who fits that category Iets go B…….

  8. 17

    The biggest challenge we our facing and we are in crisis and we worried about this administration every single night because we have problems in here nobody doing anything about this but Americans we need to wake up open our eyes and pray 🙏 because we don’t have incompetent, commander-in-chief please God protect us from this evil

  9. 18

    For me my problem is. What is Iran giving to America. That is making America give Iran all that money. Im sure Iran must be bringing something on the American table. What is that

  10. 22

    Isaiah 56:11,12

    Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter

    Matthew 23:32

    Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers.

  11. 27

    Yesterday President Biden addressed his cabinet on the issue of Iran. Later today he will have a word with his refrigerator and his dishwasher.

  12. 31

    Who is Biden, the falling guy, what does he have to do with Iran that is thousand miles away. Biden is no hero.

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