‘FREAKED OUT’: Climate protesters take on BlackRock, Citigroup

Author of ‘Irrational Fear’ on Substack Matthew Wielicki argues the fears of climate protesters stem from world leaders claiming the ‘oceans are boiling’ on ‘The Bottom Line.’

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  1. 4
    anita zoon

    So how did they write the signs? What did they write the signs on those two things right there use fossil fuel to make besides, their clothes washing their hair, eating their food their shoes the house they live in I mean my God unless they’re living in the woods, not wearing any clothes they can’t say anything and hunting for their own food.

  2. 7
    Sky Eagle

    If anyone had any brains… I be getting my dollars out of black rock hands… When having your dollars in china… War with china would be the end of your dollars ! And that's what this company had not told y'all…. Why are your savings in china would be my Big ? … Wake Up People

  3. 11
    Rick McCann

    Open carry laws,those people who own guns can put and end to this ,those protesters contribute nothing to society,they are a waste of the oxygen they are protesting over

  4. 16
    Bobo TheCryptoHobo

    Activists are paid to act like protesters of whatever people like BlackRock's Larry Fink and his ilk pay them to do so it has the illusion of a protest. Protesters are everyday people that feel strongly about something so much they are willing to protest something/someone. The irony of having an actual protest at BlackRock for a huge climate lie they themselves are pushing as reasoning for control should not be lost. Though there are most likely activists among them to agitate, they didn't order up Antifa to create violence. And there's still the possibility no protesters were present at all and it was staged for coming bans on fossil fuels. Seeing that they have "Professional Activist" schools training people to create the illusion of a protest and how Greta T. stages everything she does with only a handful of friends (Like at the Davos summit 10 person 5 min photo-op protest) that the media blows up into a huge movement has really opened my eyes to how NGO's are the bane of our existence.

  5. 17
    DEBRA West

    All these climate activst. Need to turn in the cars get off busses airplanes turn off air conditioner and heaters.. It's a good start.. they don't give up these luxuries. Wow. Walk the walk talk the talk. Come on now….

  6. 18
    Love Each Other

    I would be protesting Black Rock etc.. for the social credit system they are implementing. People don’t seem to understand the long term implications

  7. 19
    Sharon Muz

    My take is that these movements get carried away and eventually attack themselves like an auto immune disorder. The ESG is probably now not left or progressive enough. Watching this over the past few years I have noticed that people have to be very nimble on their feet because the goal posts keep changing from crazy to lunacy.

  8. 20
    I am Kesha

    I’m fine with the climate crazies protesting those top companies instead of impeding regular folks daily activities when they block roads.

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