Democratic lawmaker who pulled fire alarm charged with misdemeanor #shorts

Thursday morning, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., told FOX News after his arraignment there’s “a deal in place” with prosecutors.

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  1. 8

    Hmmm he comitts a federal crime because it happened in a federal building yet gets local charges which technically has no jurisdiction … federal court has jurisdiction not local

  2. 9

    If we are going to criticize for walking barefoot, it is worse found cocaine in the White House, so shut the hell up bunch of shameless hypocrites 🎉

  3. 11

    Just like his constituents who walk in take what they want and leave and there are no consequences and they know it. What other reason would there have been to pull a fire alarm during a vote. This was planned out by more than one. This tyr@nt will go down in democrat history as being a brave soul for the cause and possibly going on to be promoted for president. Joe did it

  4. 16

    Trump is a Godsend. You say you have a deal. Trump doesn't cut deals. He's a business man. He makes business decisions. That's why he brought us out of the hole we were in from 8 years of Obama. Then 4 years of obama in a sweat suit in his basement telling biden (the worst liar in the world) what to say. Now Trump is the only one to do the repair America. Obama should be banned from our shores. That alarm was likely directed by obama. He is not American.

  5. 24

    If it would have been a Republican, it would have been a felony and he would have been thrown under the jail. If I'm not mistaken, he was a principle for decades. He knows what a fire alarm is.
    He's an outright blatant liar.

  6. 31

    Any one else would have already been arrested…but he's a Democrat so it's okay. One set of rules for me and another set of rules for thee. Connie Shull

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