Biden’s ‘irresponsible’ Ukraine funding likely to cause US recession: GOP sen.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss the Biden administration’s controversial funding for the Russia-Ukraine war.

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  1. 1
    Rachelle Foster

    We need to help our people! Hawaii? Help me help you! They need to start helping themselves or other countries need to step up. Save "democracy"! We are a REPUBLIC! If they want to save a republic like government, fine! They are doing dirty crap in Ukrain. I pray for all the people in that country or who have fled! Choices of the impowered affect those who have no power. Limited government is the only answer. Do not give up your freedom or your freedom to decern truth from propaganda. Free thinking people. Facts, logic, biblical truth, and conclusion. I send love out, Jesus's love, our savior! 🙏 Amen.

  2. 4
    Darlene Renick

    Can we beg for money an get funded I really need help iam an American please send us some money 🤑💰 please help the Americans we need help .. an were not killing anyone once we get anyting

  3. 5

    If you focus on this one thing, Ukraine, you miss the big picture: destruction of the U.S.

    Every policy, everything this Executive Office and Executive Branch does is for destruction of the U.S.

    Is it his deal with CCP China?

  4. 11

    When all the ticking timb bombs for the US go off in the next few years during the next presidents term (trump) dems better not ssy oh look what happened on trumps watch….but they will bc they dont understand these things

  5. 12
    T Roy

    Before sending one red scent to Ukraine, how about take care of the American people!!!
    If it means shutting down the government to accomplish that, so be it!

    If dementia Joe and his administration, as well as the corrupt politicians, wanting to support Ukraine for personal profit to support their donors.

    Fund America, not Ukraine!!

  6. 14
    Sygnet Meaman

    I cannot understand!!! Brandon meets with Zelenskyy for about 3 minutes and Brandon immediately sends $40 Billion of our tax money to Ukraine!!! Something stinks!!!
    How is it possible that our tax money can be sent to another country with only Brandon making all the moves???

  7. 15
    Julie W.

    CORRECT, PLUG the plug on Zelenskyy, who becomes a blackmailer on Biden! We citizens didn't have enough $ to support Illegals by 10K/daily cross the border. Shall we send those ILLEGALS to become Zelenskyy's military helpers???

  8. 18
    Patricia McClanahan

    Go watch other countries news and war channels and see how they talk about us it’s disgusting no respect for this country ,there talking freely to each other 😮not good folks it don’t matter how much you give to these people lost money lost equipment no records and mr honcho buying mansions3-4 They all talk ,what a joke to our country

  9. 22
    Frances Garcia

    How bout Mr. Graham meet the American people and see how they are struggling, while our hard earned money goes to another country and puts us deeper in debt.

  10. 28
    tony anthony

    Paul is one of those collecting senatorial salaries on false pretences. Am with Lindsey on this one even though he makes me sick when he presents as a thoughtless Trump sycophant.

  11. 33
    James Kennedy

    Biden is laundering his kickbacks through Ukraine. He and Zelensky are profiting off of this deliberate unnecessary "war". Thats our taxpayer dollars being used to Grease Biden's coffers, as well as Zelensky's

  12. 34

    I’m all for helping other Countries BUT our Government has mishandled our Tax Dollars far too long. They are facing yet another Government shutdown. Every single person I know lives on a budget. Well except for our Government, they have no budget.

  13. 35
    Robert Lynn

    I can't get medical help from my American patients. I can't get help the right way for people to get their Blood Pressure, taken care of and long-term illnesses to be taken care of and analyzed the right way. Why cause the government's gotten no more money because we keep sending it to Ukraine. When the hell are people gonna wake up? When people are dying in the emergency rooms and dying in the streets.

  14. 39

    They're sending a lot of that money to off shour accounts in the Cayman Islands. Zelenskyy and his cronies are billionaires. This is what happens when you elect a comedian to run your government.The country over the border doesn't take you seriously and sees you as easy prey. BTW, Zelenskyy got his start as a comedian.

  15. 40
    James Liu

    Senator Graham is completely 100% right ,It is right to help Ukraine, look at the situation in Ukraine, people are dying every day, at least we are safe in the United States, I support President Biden 100%, don't forget that Russia is the military enemy of the United States, today Russia conquers Ukraine, tomorrow it will be NATO .

  16. 42
    darwin monzingo

    Ukraine is not in the United nations. to claim that putin would attack any United nations members is ignorant that is world war 3. however to acknowledge we violated our sworn oath to not move nato closer to the east was violated by the American government multiple times putting nato now at Russians doorsteps. we would never allow that and that is just one of the reasons Russia is fighting this war but far the only one

  17. 43
    Fire 4 Effect

    I can't believe that this is a conversation. Graham is not my favorite person, but he knows exactly what Putin will do. If he take Ukraine, he will not stop there. WE HAVE SEEN THIS HAPPEN BEFORE. For once, Biden is right. Fight against him, and we will be back at war and occupation in europe.

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