Biden is destroying the auto industry: Ex-Chrysler, Home Depot CEO

Former Chrysler and Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli explains why he thinks the UAW strikes will ‘go on for a while.’ #FOXBusiness

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  1. 4
    Doug Reed

    Well the Home Depot CEO has great insight in this situation, he has a big problem himself in the states with large homeless populations that are walking out of all brick and mortar stores with basket's full of products the losses are not sustainable this is the creation of neglect to this nations people housing lack of incomes worthy of supporting sustained living conditions for every America.

  2. 17
    Miles Clifft

    I keep hearing people complain about what things cost i$dollars. Our politicians say it is inflation when the truth of the matter is Nixon cut the string between paper and gold and was supposed to be temporary. Since then we have printed paper money with no gold to back it up. So basically our money is hardly worth the paper it’s printed on. Get a politician to stand up on the floor of the house or senate and at mitt that , either party. Now you can be gain to see the depth of corruption in our country. I what label they use is irrelevant both parties have destroyed this country

  3. 20
    chris williams

    The fact is my guess is the whole purpose of the strike is to have Biden supposedly come in and save the day… I mean the guy cant wipe his own rear end or utter an audible sentence but suddenly he will be the master negotiator who saves the auto industry. Can you say staged BS

  4. 22
    michael moslak

    State Governors should be arresting every Biden official and especially Biden if he sets foot in their state!!! Why can't EVERY police officer in the USA seeing how this administration is destroying our country all join forces and LOCK THEM ALL UP????????

  5. 26
    Bobby Jensen

    The UAW members are so overpaid and they demand even more money! I hate greedy people and I refuse to buy any new vehicle made by the UAW members at a insanely inflated price just so the UAW members can get a fatter paycheck! I am struggling to pay my bills. Under the Biden administration, inflation is quickly making me poorer. The UAW members make more money than most other blue collar people yet they arrogantly demand more money. I will now buy a vehicle NOT MADE by the UAW!

  6. 28
    Wilhelmus Hoogerwerff

    Im voting for Trump, all the other candidates tell you want you want to hear. At least Trump tells it like it is. He did what he said he did when in office. Please don't say he gave the rich a tax break. Bc i did very well when Trump was in office and im not rich. He did good by our veterans. Ik bc my dad got well taken care of when Trump was in office. Now hes complaining he has to pay more under this clown. He did good by diabetics as well

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