Zelenskyy criticizes Trump for promising to swiftly end Russian invasion

Ukraininan President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacted to comments from former President Trump where Trump says if he returns to the presidency, he would get Putin and Zelenskyy in a room to solve the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

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Zelenskyy criticizes Trump for promising to swiftly end Russian invasion

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  1. 3


  2. 4
    N Campos

    ❤❤ Trump is going to stop Zelenskyy cash app 😂😂😂 he not worrying about the war as long the money keeps flowing…. but that's going to end soon

  3. 6
    Mr. Jimmy Johns

    Zelinski better star conserving ammo and eating from grocery stores again because his endless flow of American Tax Payer Cash is getting shut off immediately when Trump wins 2024! I cant wait to see his reaction! Hahahahahah

  4. 8
    gary quarty

    No way Zelenski wants to lose this cash cow. Laundering Bidens "aid" money got him a Swiss Chalet and a $4 million mansion in Egypt. And ooodles of cash.

  5. 11
    The Dane 13

    If Trump was serious, he would have suggested a conversation between the two, regardless of whether he is now president or not, as other past presidents have done. Trump only says this because he then expects to become president and he will take the conversation first…if he wants to at that point.

  6. 12
    Allen Blakemoor

    Putin's puppet !
    It will take a life time to rebuild the invaded country.
    Find the children that have being stolen away to Russia .
    And the make recompense for war crimes on peaceful civilians.

    The job needs to be completed or the USA will not get paid for the weaponry they have already exported .
    No half measures.

  7. 14
    D Klipper

    Stopping the war early means Zelensky’s theft of Western aid money will end. The corruption within the Ukrainian political nucleus is without limitations.

  8. 15
    Melissa k

    The staged "INSURRECTION" and Pelosi hand picked Jan 6 crook committee National production scam show are all about distracting American people from a rigged election to install a globalists approved demented puppet.
    Demented puppet sends Billions to Ukraine to fight the globalists NWO agenda proxy war with Russia draining U.S.
    Demented puppet keeps U.S. border wide open luring in millions and millions illegal immigrants (future voters) with trillions $ social services freebies ( walk in, no jobs, how do they make it so easily while you suffer from inflation ? answer: printing $ to dilute your wealth to feed them)
    Now you know why inflation. Now you know why democrooks pushing "No voter ID's" and amnesty

  9. 16
    J Horvath

    Questions for the Zelenskyy; Has Reznikov been arrested for corruption? How many of the people that you claim have been fired (dismissed, replaced, however you want to call it) for corruption have been arrested? Why has the election for president of ukraine been canceled?

  10. 23
    Xyz Abcd

    Send EVERY pro-war Congressmember to the front lines of Ukraine! Cut their salaries to zero until the war is over.. Do the same with all you pro-war individuals: get over there and put your back into it!

  11. 27
    The MagiciaN

    Anyone who has a half sized brain can see that Zelensky just wants a paycheck. He knows if Trump ends the war with peace he’ll lose all the money he’s rackin.’ in right now. Sick leader.

  12. 28

    We'll have Healthcare on day one. We'll have infrastructure… Beautiful Infrastructure. Mexico will pay. It will be gone by Easter.

    Is ANY of this familiar to anyone? This pathological liar will have Ukraine a part of Russia again in a week, have started the next World War within three months and our next Civil War started within six.

  13. 29

    Hey dumas donny, if you’re such good buddies with Putin, why don’t you prove it. Ask him to leave, he respects and loves you, why wouldn’t he?

  14. 38

    Just in case I want to remind to you that Putin has occupied Crimea and started war in Donbass during Obama's presidency. And Putin started full scale invasion into Ukraine during Biden's presidency.
    "his misplaced actions and his close camaraderie with Putin lead to the Russian kleptocrat to become emboldened believing he could do whatever he wanted in Ukraine". So it wasn't Europe's complete dependance on Russian oil and gas? Just try to imagine how many billions of dollars has Europe sent to Putin. And Trump has very well confronted Stoltenberg regarding this issue.

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