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    The (My, Our) United States government is engaging in its typical stupidity! What the hell are we doing??? From day one / month one I've been saying over and over that we either get into this thing with the intent to win it – and be done with it – or we get the hell out. Again, this should have been the plan from month 1. All of this foot-dragging and indecision and causing this war to be protracted in time is costing the United States money that WE GD DO NOT HAVE!! We in the U.S. have so many things at home that we need to be doing with our money!! – And it's causing Ukraine to grieve the continued and counting loss of lives and inability to recover their land!
    We've got too many people who have made a career of government and that has to stop! We need fresh young minds and a bold new plan for government in the United States.
    Right now. Today, we need to figure out if we want to win this war with Ukraine or if we want to bail.

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    Rina Lore

    I can't imagine not knowing where my🐣children are but to know they're in🇷🇺Russian🩸bloody hands is the❌worst place I would want any🐣child to be!
    The evil🇷🇺Russian👹monsters must be🛑stopped and the only way to do that is to;
    God bless🇺🇦Ukranian🐣children, people, the President, the unknowing innocent🇷🇺Russians and may the Lord show mercy on those who are💔suffering and hungry around the🌎world due to this senseless war🔥gaslit by another😵‍💫crazy🇷🇺Russian Dictator!
    "I think the day will come when it will be recognized without doubt, not only on one side of the House, but throughout the civilized world, that the strangling of Bolshevism at its birth would have been an untold blessing to the human race."
    *Sir Winston Churchill

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    This is exactly what Putin and Russia was counting on…The Peace-loving World losing its will to fight. Russia knows we will never punch him in the face which is necessary to dethrone him. Also, Putin and Russia counted on the Republicans whining and getting mad about money spent on Ukraine. If the world continues to follow the Russian script, my kids and grandchildren may live under a RED FLAG instead of the Stars and Stripes. #InvadeRussia It's as clear as the nose on your face. We have to free the world from Russia's historical tyranny. Russians will never change. No better time will ever happen. Finish the JUST FIGHT that our fathers and grandfathers DIED for…we can do it. Finally, rid the world of its biggest THREAT: Russia. Our American Freedom-Loving ancestors are in Heaven now, watching us, and wondering why it's taking so long for us to act. Sorry, Dad. I know you are happy in Heaven and that you died in Vietnam, giving these Americans their freedoms, but I am trying to influence as many people as I can to do the RIGHT thing. We can finally complete what was started in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War. But, some people don't realize that freedom is fragile, and that Russia is not to be trusted. What happened to my generation, and the others after The Great Generation? DID we get so fat and happy that we forgot that FREEDOM has to be gained and protected…it is not free?? Is that fact so removed from our iPhone15?? Google World War 2, Korea War, and Vietnam War on that iPhone15 and get your American Pride back.

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    Someone Anonymous

    I am 4mins in, but why does it sound like someone complaining about how the other side is doing so and so? When someone is looking to win a war, I assume those would be some of the tactics. You will either need to play the same game or do a better job to prevent it. As for collaborators, unfortunately, there will always be some of those.

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    Yore History

    Canada stands with Ukraine. Canadians will not support a fascist dictatorship that illegally invades its neighbours, ever. Russia should be called to task for a generation and we the world need to ensure reparations are paid to Ukraine AFTER Victory. Notice Putin absent. He is at his heart a coward and his word means nothing and never will. Only removal from Ukraine will bring peace.

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    Chris Skalski

    We must defeat Russia. We dont have time as a luxury. Putin and Russian Military is almost on its knees. Striking them now ensures that other nations like China will think twice before doing the same as Russia.
    Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦 ❤
    Slava the world 🌎 ♥️

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    Lawrence Skelton

    Kudos to Zelensky; a leader with guts and integrity.
    Meanwhile, Putin sends a lackey, who thinks that the UN General Assembly is a place to play with his phone, instead of attending himself.
    Slava Ukraina! 🇺🇦

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    kha ayu

    I agree with President zelensky but nobody can help him Russia is super power fully loaded with nuclear bombs only negotiations can help

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    eon fluks

    Zelenski please can invaded countries and nations by USA UK and NATO prepare tha summit??? There are more than 30 since world war 2.

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    eon fluks

    I wonder how much effort those anglo saxons put in this war they cannot win. Europe dont need another Hiroshima what eventually gonna happen' cos' Russia is global nuclear superpower number 1 on the planet. Zelensky cannot win this war now or latter and must end this war nowwwwww and put their people on normal life cos people of Ukraine want peace not Zelensky war with amerikan dirty money from weapons and oil slavery countries. Anglo saxons are the root of every evil on this planet.

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    eon fluks

    Zelensky chooses long scale war even he is weaker and defeted now or later. Let me see example Japan USA war ended with nuclear blast just cos Japan wont to surrender. The wars cannot be win by both sides, and here Russia is nuclear superpower number 1 on the planet Earth.

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    Danut Popescu

    And you are supposed to be The Wrath of Europe's Broken Ass ?
    The russins act desperate … reflecting that in numbers too, that's why they did that .
    You were extremely arrogant .
    But you should think a lot more on the global sufferng you will make with your trumendous arrogance .
    I have never seen a man this arrogant in my life !

  13. 21

    You had enough time to think before the war, where were you when it was time to make decisions for the future of ukraine? I know, you were busy with mocking Russia and stupid putin, it's big shame for both of you!!! Ukraine and Russia were once brothers💔

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    Enough already….either wipe Russia out or start carving up Ukraine. This financial death by a thousand cuts is going to drain us

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    Ferdinand Querol

    Zelensky speech blame all Russia from a so called " weaponize" food,chemical, weather etc…he want the world to believe on him & drag the world to war against russia a modern fascist mesmerizing leader pretending as a victim of aggression & used it his weapon of destruction his own people& nation & drag the world to nuclear war..

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