‘YOU DONT RECOLLECT?’: GOP rep. hammers Garland over Hunter probe involvement

A ‘Mornings with Maria’ panel reacts to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s testimony before Congress. #foxbusiness

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  1. 6
    Star 42#

    A man who will not Reason or Answers Questions ,is a liar ,Or worse. if you're not helping your hurting the investigation.make him Resign now.

  2. 7

    You’d like to think we were past talking in code in the backyard or with walkie talkies but I understand FULL WELL that Adults aren’t, & I’m most confident they’ll lie through their teeth to embellish derogatory claims on circumstances for their crafting favors concerns. 😳 “If you see something, Say something 😱!” “& if you’re all affiliated somehow (Mason &or Cult &or forms of Gov &or race relation &or misgendered adaptation/cyberwear) eye witnesses can collaborate to force a biased false narrative.” 👮🏻‍♂️ Also known as conspiracy or scandal. 👮🏻‍♂️ Book em Danno; it’s time for that promotion!
    🤨: WHAT?! That’s crazy; you’re paranoid. 🧐 my bank account, my job security. Is it necessary for me to wear underwear on my face in my office after with thigh high stalkings? No, but helps me see to rationalize who’s really with me at the end of the day.! 🥺 Anything you say Boss. 👰🏻‍♂️ Good.!

  3. 14
    Joanne Slattery

    Good Evening Fox, GARLAND NEEDS TO BE REMOVED, IMPEACHED, TAKEN OUT what ever because he is a puppet and a liar. We the Citizens of America do NOT want to spend Our Tax Dollars on him anymore. If he can't be REMOVED pay him a Salary of $ 1.00 Per Year.

  4. 15
    Richard Roberson

    They're not hammering. They're putting on a play. They're all on the same side and it ain't ours. The democrats are destroying our country and the Republicans are acting like they're not in on it. Our government is completely and hopelessly corrupt to the core.

  5. 17
    Bill Myers

    Massive corruption by Garland DOJ and outright lies are being told to Congress daily – these liars cannot even keep their lies Straight from day to day!

  6. 19

    Garland expects us to believe he can run this big agency but he is more forgetful than Joe Biden himself? Come on I got get my trout chest waders on because the bs getting very deep here!!

  7. 21
    Ben P

    How long is Congress going to put up with AG and FBI Director not responding to oversight of these agencies? From all these hearings it's clear they are not performing their duties with respect to the law and equal justice.

  8. 30
    Wood Man

    Biden and his administration only know how to lie. They are destroying America. When will the voters realize and wake up and get rid of the scum in Washington.

  9. 32
    Joanne Hamilton

    Now I know why Fox News is being hit with so many law suits for spreading false information to their viewers and they are loosing by the way. The garbage they are spreading is nuts! This antifa stuff is a figment of their imagination I’m afraid. Hunter Biden, that’s all they want to talk about and he wasn’t even an employee of the government. Their desire to tie Joe Biden into it all with no evidence is humorous to say the least. So here’s something they can wrap their head around. How about they start asking questions about Jarred Kushner receiving 2 BILLION + from the Saudi Prince. May I remind you, Jarred was employed by Trump’s Whitehouse. Now that’s a little odd ya think?

  10. 33

    I remember a few years ago when Biden and the rest of the governments in the free world withheld aid until the Ukraine government fired a corrupt prosecuter. Then trump was impeached for trying to withhold aid from Ukraine for not lying about them investigating Hunter Biden and the firing of the corrupt prosecuter. 😅😂😂 Not sure what the crazy stories the Republicans are trying to push now.

  11. 35
    Theresa Mckay

    You all should be ashamed! That’s right, shame on you! You are not standing up for the majority of the people let me tell you! Hypocrites! Arrest Trump already put that man in jail! And everyone else who had anything to do with The incident on January 6, one thing has nothing to do with the other… Bidens business is a totally separate incident… And should be handled as such as you all well know. It’s scary to think what our government is coming to… Anyone who had anything to do with the January 6 incident should never be allowed to run for any office! And should be sentenced to jail! So a very very long time…

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