Why you might still have Covid-19 despite a negative test

As people are encouraged to get the new Covid-19 booster approved by the FDA and CDC, Dr. Saju Matthew explains why Covid-19 tests can sometimes return a fasle-positive and how to differentiate between Covid-19, the flu and RSV. #CNN #News

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  1. 12

    Hiv possible cure
    Black pepper
    Hot sauce
    Like tobasco
    Alcohol to breath thru nose

    Like sauna
    That's it lol

    And sip thru out day day

    And juice

    Drink enough till u go to sleep

    Last secret mouth wash

    Aye make sure no one tries to steal my idea but u

    I came up with this thru common sense

    2 last important steps

    Wash ur mother fucking hands
    Change that tooth brush
    Twice a day
    Until it's gone

    Don't reuse anything

    A re introducing it

    Weak immune system
    Needs a different
    Every sip

    Different age
    Means a different
    Concentrate of those ingredients

    Dirty wash ur mothers
    At least
    Twice until u go to sleep

    Shower twice

    Avoid touch ur face
    Putting ur hands in ur mouth
    In other people mouths or face

    Dont touch any of ur 5 sense

    Clean or purified air

    No disturbed sleep

    Clothing wash ur clothes separately

    Wear gloves or stop everything

    Especially ur nose
    Wash ur mother fucking dishes

    Avoide getting injured

    Etc small cuts
    Avoid stupidity

    Avoid sitting around
    People who smell sick

    Don't put ur hands in ur ear

    Don't scratch that ass or no else

  2. 19
    Dick Johnson

    I think the CDC, FDA and Pharma are going to be very disappointed in the lack of vaccine acceptance this fall. I'm predicting about 6% get the vaccine.

  3. 21

    Wild that CNN is quoting the crazy Which Doctor SG in Florida without any mention of his highly questionable and downright quacky medical 'opinions' as cited by just about every SG across the nation. This doctor in this segment seems to politely dismiss his claims without giving his personal opinion on them, which is fine, but overall, this is not good journalism, but this is the new CNN.

  4. 25
    The Fringe Minority

    The question should be: why you still DON'T HAVE Covid19 despite a Positive Test? Because thats what happened in millions of people with flu symptoms who were wrongly diagnosed… stop the fear mongering…. Freedom over fear!!

  5. 28
    Debbie Karas

    I can't believe all the ignorant comments here. Long covid is no joke, ask anyone who has it. it will take you down and millions of people have it in our country and half of them are unable to work cuz long covid has debilitated them so much. Long covid hits young and old alike, fit or sickly, even children. I don't if the vaccines help prevent covid or not. I do know that N95 masks prevent covid. Covid is not like a cold or flu. You do not get long cold or long flu. Prevention is key.

  6. 32

    Crisis Act Tours
    Staged scenes
    As believable as covid sniffing dogs..
    No really..
    Scooby-Doo can detect covid…

  7. 35

    It has been over three years since Covid-19 cases were first diagnosed in the United States. And while President Joe Biden announced last week that he intends to end the state of national emergency around Covid-19, this does not mean the pandemic is over.

    Although much is now known about this coronavirus, many questions remain, especially as the virus continues to evolve and infect people on a large scale. There were more than 280,000 new coronavirus cases diagnosed in the last week, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is almost certainly an undercount, given the many home tests not included as part of the official tally.

  8. 41
    Joe Shmoe65

    I encourage everyone to get all the experimental shots that they want! I'll take a pass on all of the experiments and we'll see who is healthier in the end! LOL!

  9. 46

    BREAKING NEWS: The federal government now recommends that you wear a blindfold along with your face mask to protect you from seeing what's really going on.

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