‘We’re going to lift this car up right now’: Police find driver trapped under overturned car

A police officer in Lawrenceville, Georgia spotted a driver speeding on the highway; moments later he discovered the same vehicle overturned on the highway with the driver partially ejected through the sunroof. #CNN #news #shorts

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    Kendall Shelton

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  2. 7

    How many people seeing this would have such unfounded compassion for this criminal and his cronies if they had wiped out your little children or grandparents? Or worse, left them in a dreadfully painful mangled state where they would eventually die after suffering for years? They deserve jail time and no driver’s licenses for 20 or 30 YEARS!

  3. 8
    Jason M

    Funny how the police listen to this guy who said he couldn't breath but not Floyd or others who couldn't breath because the officer was kneeling on ther neck or back.

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