‘We are so dysfunctional’: House Republican calls out inaction over shutdown

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., calls out Congress’  current inaction on solving the issue over a potential shutdown.

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‘We are so dysfunctional’: House Republican calls out inaction over shutdown

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Add yours
  1. 2
    Avalynne Wilby

    What the US needs is a new party made up of all the disgruntled Republicans who beleive the current party is irrelevant and outdated. A party that goes back to the beginning and looks at what is relevant and what now, needs to be discarded.

  2. 7
    Titus Fury

    These people who want to defund our government in order to protect the clown should be charged with terrorism. They are insurrectionists still trying to have a coup. They are agents for Russia.

  3. 10

    Freedom caucus proposal to cut spending on the poorest and increase the their hardship is particularly cruel.. can't fix massive deficit overnight.. really a balance approach slightly increasing taxes for rich to improve revenue side and sensible spending cuts looking reform tax system widen the tax base is the way forward

  4. 11

    A candid assessment of the Republican party, threatening shutdown is an exercise in futility, even if the freedom caucus got their spending cuts across line it won't pass the senate.

  5. 12

    It's not Defense…it's Offence… offensive to use our money / soldiers to murder innocent people at the request of the International military and industrial complex .

  6. 14

    There is hardly a brain among you. Have you no clue what the Republicans have been doing? Eek!

  7. 15
    Jeanne 54

    ⭐️ Narcissists like the kind the GOP has, just love to STONEWALL, to exert their power & control OVER others! Its a toxic manipulation tactic used to provoke anger & frustrate any progress! The GOP is infamous for using it rile up their immature & childish base who have a "victim mindset".

  8. 19
    dewayne walker

    "We need to be more like lemming Democrats. If their leader says to vote on something, don't think, don't challenge, obey". If asked for no reason to jump just ask how high!"

  9. 21
    Ekaterina Ponizovskaya Devine

    Why do the reasonable Republicans in Congress just quit the GOP and go independent and vote in collision with Democrats? How long are they going to be hostages of MTG? It is better to break the GOP and lose the majority in Congress now!

  10. 22
    kim kristensen

    This party is not qualified to lead the country because of a few deplorable individuals that has no place in public service. Thats what happen when stupid votes stupid

  11. 25
    Hil Pei

    This is what happens when morons vote for morons. One of the worst things Bannon and Trump did to our country was to get ignorant-morons politically engaged.

  12. 26
    Hil Pei

    The MAGA extremists have forgotten that they were elected as public servants — they need to do their jobs. A government shutdown PROVES they can't run our country and they should all be EXPELLED! STOP THE FASCIST, KLEPTOCRATS NOW! 14th amendment sec 3 – most of them are insurrectionists — they don't deserve to be in our government!

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