Watch Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s full address to U.N. General Assembly

During Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to the U.N. General Assembly he spoke directly to allies, partners and major world governments on support for his country’s war with Russia.

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  1. 1

    All just for deaf ear. People just don't care. Nothing to do with me or my country. That what they think. The concept of one nation invaded other nation is no longer a thing. it's a disgusting reason for surviving. We are no longer a cave man but are still living behave and living like an animal. Must war over so idealism must cost life? It is as stupid as because I am right so you either must follow me or you die. Be a sport, countries should only compete with other as between sport team and the mass of people will be the judge of that. I wonder why people keep migrate to the US.

  2. 2
    Yusuf Yildirim

    All these comments made people live not in Ukraine, if you love your country you should go Ukraine and fight for your country. My self l feel very sorryall these young men dying in war. I am not Ukrainian, l can not go figh for Ukraine, but you are Ukrainian you should go fight for your country. Don't just write comment here. Go fight for your country. You are all escaped from your country when war started.

  3. 6
    Lloyd N


  4. 7
    Julian Kazmier

    All of you guys supporting Ukraine I hope you know your supporting a authoritarianism regime that denies a free election for its citizens to vote for a new president. And also attacks orthodox church's sensors all media and online internet.

  5. 8

    And after the immortal speech for the ages watch him stop off to see Joey to pick up another multibillion dollar check. Europe isn't funding anywhere near what we are. This guy is no hero, but he's got the slush fund going — again at the expense of an America Biden has just about bankrupted.

  6. 14

    This guy again.. omg .. more $ n weapons not the answer sorry..peace is only solution but Russian grievances must be listened too or it could turn nuclear imo

  7. 17

    I think zelensky was directed by democrats to make this political by bringing up climate change and all that. Now the gop will start to want to limit funding for the war. And when ukraine falls, biden can say, it wasnt my fault, its was those maga republicans!

  8. 20

    Unity can prevent wars, Mr President. And your decision to turn your back agaist Poland is a desperate mistake. Your country is in a dire situation but you should be careful of who you’re entering into agreements with. Look at the actions not words as you may be practicing with friends of your enemy. It is wise to remember who has been your true friend and be loyal, taking into account your friend’s interest. You need strong friends so don’t undermine them.

  9. 21
    First Last

    [1] President Zelenskyy missed an extraordinarily significant opportunity.

    [2] First: He failed to identify and enumerate the litany of legal precepts adopted by the international community leading to the formation of the U.N. as an institution intended to avoid international armed conflict as well as the collection of minimum normative behavioral standards quantifying civilized social behavior by way of international humanitarian law intended to avoid, mitigate and resolve armed conflicts.

    [3] Secondly: He failed to compare and contrast that perpetrated both by the Russian Federation, its direct and indirect U.N. Member State allies and supporters around the world which continue to undermine the sovereignty of the Ukraine and cause significant harm to its civilian population.

    [4] Third: He failed to enumerate most, let alone all of the legal obligations of U.N. Member States under the current circumstances based also upon international law and case precedents, both from prior and current conflicts around the world.

    [5] When introducing the concept of Genocide, Zelenskyy failed to quote verbatim, that which constitutes Genocide per Article 2 of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, and then identify applicable examples of each type of violation perpetrated by the Russian Federation in the context of the instant conflict.

    [6] Zelenskyy failed to quote verbatim from the Convention, content of Article 1, wherein each of the High Contracting Parties agree to act both to PREVENT and PUNISH acts of Genocide.

    [7] Zelenskyy failed to read aloud the list of each High Contracting Party to the Convention who are in fact legally mandated to act both to PREVENT and PUNISH acts of Genocide.

    [8] Zelenskyy failed to challenge each High Contracting Party regarding first, whether or not they have identified the Convention as applicable to the instant conflict and if not, on what basis, together with the response of each to date pursuant to their pledge, per Article 1, both to PREVENT and PUNISH Genocide. Secondly: Call into question whether or not and to what degree the actions of each High Contracting Party to date has been consistent with the letter, spirit and intent of that mandated per Article 1. Third: Call out those whose inaction and/or limp wristed responses illuminates a materially significant violation of their mandated action, in essence de facto denunciation of the Convention. Both the Russian Federation, its allies and supporters High Contracting Party status to the Convention should have also been condemned first by Zelenskyy and then the rest of the international community as having been denounced.

    [9] Zelenskyy should have, but failed to ask: What specific discernible disparity exists between the reality of that which the Russian Federation, its allies and supporters in the instant conflict thus far identified between that which constitutes Genocide per Article 2 of the 1948 Convention, versus that which has thus far been planned, advocated, facilitated, and perpetrated both against Ukraine and its population within its internationally recognized borders as far back as Russia's military invasion of Crimea.

    [10] Invoking the term Genocide without tethering it to its legal definition, attenuates its currency, rendering it mere rhetoric. Zelenskyy should consistently reference it as "Genocide, as defined by Article 2 of the Genocide Convention," drawing attention to the Convention and by extension, the legal obligations mandated each High Contracting Party (HCP).

    [11] Failing to challenge each High Contracting Party to the 1948 Genocide Convention to now act in a manner consistent with the letter, spirit and intent of both the PREVENTION and PUNISHMENT mandated provisions each agreed to perform per Article 1, is a squandered opportunity to legally pressure each HCP to do more.

    [12] The same both could and should have been said regarding Russian Federation Crime of Aggression, War Crimes, Crimes Against Peace, and Crimes Against Humanity in context of the instant conflict.

    [13] When Ukraine's "friends" refuse to respond appropriately to their known needs privately, it's time to call each of them out publicly, in essence, publicly shaming each into doing more. Unfortunately, Zelenskyy failed in this regard as well.

    [14] The international community (public) is well acquainted with the moral argument for intervention. It's time to introduce them and their leadership to the long overlooked legal argument to terminate the conflict and severely PUNISH those who planned, advocated, facilitated and otherwise perpetrated the Crime of Aggression, Genocide, War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity.

    [15] Since 911 in the U.S., the name of each known individual killed that day has been read out loud. Zelenskyy should and could have read off the names of each Ukrainian national known to have been killed by the Russian Federation and its allies since the invasion of Crimea, and the photograph of each projected upon screens throughout the U.N.

    /s/ Michael P.

  10. 24

    The funny thing is that no one listened to this clown, the whole hall was practically empty. Even funnier is Ukrainian TV which shows a filled hall during zelensky’s speech while showing footage of zelensky listening to zelensky)))

  11. 25

    Prayers to the citizens of Ukraine from this charmful leader who has chosen to take the agenda of charming mesmerizing And dividing a nation into a bitter hateful violent war against each other.
    Prayers to the people of the far East.😮😮😢😢❤❤❤❤

  12. 26
    Tania Ramaki

    Beautiful speech indeed influensingall those who know nothing about history and get brain washed by s pack of lies without trying to understand what is really going on do they know Zrlenskis selling the weapons we send him di they know that with our money he bought villas in big cities of aeutope do they know Ukrainians are well known as corrupted and that Zelenski is a drug addict do they realise that if war crimes were to be punished America would be on the top of the list and that the only way out is a treaty of peace which is refused by Zelenski as that will mean he will lose all the money he gets and because America and Nato encourage and pay him to serve their own interests Zelenski is not a patrot he is a perverted puppy of the west

  13. 27
    Greg Moylan

    How sad that so much of the world sits complacently and watches Russian thuggery destroy Ukrainian land & lives. Even more hideous is the way leaders of the free world willingly tolerate and engage with Russians while the massacre continues… and all the time, thinking their feeble words of disapproval somehow excuse their inaction.

  14. 28
    I Love Jesus

    Only Jesus Christ can bring healing to this world. Only Jesus Christ is The Prince of Peace. Make no mistake about it, until He returns there will never be peace.

  15. 29
    Olga Petz

    It' not about poor Ukrainian farmers. The whole thing is about Ukrainian and western oligarchs with huge farms who accept bribes and worrying about their interests. The fact is that Ukraine was dealing with Russia for a long time while Poland joined EU and NATO and we have the results. Thus, maritime transport is much more cheaper than land and railway is simply not cost-effective. The delays of trains in Poland were approx. 1,5 h because Ukrainian grain was transported.

  16. 30
    m b

    UN is useless, UN is a corrupted organisation, that only want money from countries that are members same as WHO.

  17. 35
    JF Trucker

    Disturbing I watched his interview on Newsmax with Greta.Said he knows no English .odd..p.s.Everyone they make money ..why they haven't stopped war..It will stop nov.24 when Trump wins

  18. 39
    Peter George

    This guy is a former actor/standup comedian that the US/NATO hired to read their propaganda script—-doesn’t the World realize that Ukraine has been part of Russia for centuries and the US/NATO stole it from the Russians when the USSR was dissolved in 1992?…and further more the US/NATO violated the treaty agreements regarding the border by pushing the Ukrainian border further into Russian territory in violation of the 1992 treaty. What NATO did to Russia in 1992 would be tantamount to Texas being seized from the US by Mexico and other Latin American nations…Wouldn’t America act to take Texas back?…Putin took action to seize back the Ukrainian territory that was rightfully a valuable part of Russia with valuable natural resources & food production…most Americans are completely ignorant to the history & importance of Ukraine as part of Russia for centuries…America would certainly do the same if it were Texas that was annexed by a foreign power.

  19. 42
    Louarc Printing

    this how the Brave President deliver his speech without a piece of paper Slava Ukraine>>> the millennial Leader is born for this Vote your millennial leader so your country will be great again.

  20. 47
    Carlos Valera

    I am against any war because they are fought by the poor masses to empower a few ones and the powerful people do not fight or send their children to war. Mr. Nato Stooge, with all due respect, first you should have made your empty speech more dramatic and your lying verbiage in your own language to show respect to your connationals but it is clear the point is to make it more appealing to your bosses. It did not work because it lacks soul. Talking about weaponization, dude, your masters from NATO has weaponized the entire planet including your own country. Thanks God you don't have the ones that create a mushroom cloud.Talking about hatred, and your people have a list of people who according to your divine judgment, need to be taken down. Talking about a country destroying other countries, I wonder if you are talking about all the wars and your masters have destroyed jus to impose puppet rulers so they can keep world control and to loot resources. Talking about Syria, who are you trying to fool/ when your masters have invaded that country with no other excuse but their God given right to intervene and steal its resources as they did with other countries included one invasion based on what now has been proven to be false allegations. Check historical and current facts before speaking, because there some people who do read history and not necessarily the one imposed by the powerful ones, How many countries have your masters invaded or promoted government changes? How many military bases do your masters have all over the world? You even have the guts to refer by deflection to Hiroshima, have some respect. Who erased that city? The world is totally tired of the west lies and world wide tyranny where entire countries are kneeled down by coercitive illegal sanctions and those don't work, then guns speak. Seven countries and their corporations control the entire world. And they used to control the narrative but no mre. Let's pray the regular people of all nations start realizing that we either stop behaving like the mean character in western cowboy movies who owns from the bank, the saloon to the grass and water and does not allow anybody to have his own piece of land and let alone make any progress, or we will face another big one. We all know after that one, we will go back to the stone ages in the best scenario. let's stop playing hypocritical free control power games. If there is any future where people can review historical facts, I don't think you will be portrayed for what you want to sell yourself now. Peace

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