Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: Sept. 25

Watch highlights from The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.

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  1. 3
    ProgFu ProgFu

    This is the swamp , the hypocricy is profound with the Democratic Party. This is acting just like the GOP.
    I am sure thousands of young principled voters just lost their trust in the Democratic Party.
    The other Senators should demand Menendez be ousted.
    If they werent committing criminal acts themselves , enriching themselves with their positions and power they would call for his resignation.
    At least tge GOP are blatantly anti American and dont even try to hide their racism etc..
    The Democrats just lie , cheat and steal better it seems.
    Trump is a traitorous criminal , like many GOP members .
    The Democratic Party , these Senators are being unethical , condoning criminalty and harming the American people , i consider that traitorous.
    Neither of these parties deserves a vote.
    I cannot vote for such blatant hypocricy. This is what Maga sees . You want to know why theres Maga , and the next Maga leader will win and democracy will end.
    Stuff like this ends democracy.

  2. 8
    David Moutrey

    Come on America the only way to stop these people from this madness is to vote them out!! Time to show them who really have the power. VOTE America VOTE!!

  3. 9
    David Moutrey

    With the shutdown looming. American voters need to stop whining and start threatening the Republicans by telling them they going down in the Novembers election if the shut the government down! . Otherwise they won’t listen!

  4. 14
    Ava Williams

    0:30: 📰 Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggests that indicted New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez should resign during an interview with Jensaki on this network.
    4:24: 🔍 Senator Menendez is indicted for keeping $480,000 in cash at his home and gives a questionable explanation for it.
    8:14: 👥 There is a history of US Senators demanding the resignation of their colleagues for inappropriate conduct, even without criminal charges.
    12:18: 📰 Democrats pushed Al Franken to resign for the good of the party, while Republicans did not push for Robert Menendez's resignation due to political considerations.
    16:11: 📚 Rachel's interview reveals her access and knowledge of the president's thoughts and actions, highlighting her importance in the White House.
    Recap by Tammy AI

  5. 19
    Benjamin Murray

    I appreciate this program and Lawrence's breakdown of political issues. I indeed believe that elected public officials should conduct themselves beyond reproach and in harmony with established standards. It doesn't matter which party the officials belong to… all are subject to the same standards and the laws of the land.

  6. 20

    Lawrence tells It like it is how long will It take to save a half a million dollars good God in Heaven ❤

  7. 23

    You have given more history and ethics here. I would say though, if we are forcing Menendez, who is clearly a crook, 2 indictments aren’t a “mistake”. We need to have Santos ousted as well.

  8. 25
    Zenaida De Leon

    Today one astounding difference between Ds and Rs is:l There are Ds who do not condone corrupt behavior of a fellow
    Democrat legislator.
    Kudos Msnbc for doing excellent reporting Ds or Rs
    at that. Credibility in journalism is important.
    Thank you we need this objectivity.

  9. 28
    Johnny Marquez

    This is why they are messing with the military promotion. Then they can appoint their own commander's and take the capital. Declare marshall law!!!

  10. 30
    Hil Pei

    Menendez is a kleptocrat, that's for sure. TRUMP IS A FASCIST KLEPTOCRAT — THAT'S WORSE! Both are bad and neither of them should be anywhere near our government. It seems like running for office is a "get rich quick" strategy for a huge majority of our congress.

  11. 39
    Monk Amani

    Let there be no doubt, that there should be, no doubt. Innocent until proven guilty, but why bother? Resign, retire, draw SSI. Peace

  12. 40
    Roxanna Marinak

    Thank you I agree Totally !!! Senator Schumer is wrong about having one set of rules for one Democrat and, another set of rules for another. IN Fact. Al Franken's accusations are nothing compared to the money inditements, for Senator Mendez. He should for the good of the Party Step own. I hope the pressure continues on him and he steps down.!

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