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  1. 4

    Why isn't Stephanie fired yet for secretly meeting with the Under Armour boss and giving him advice on how to face the negative coverage he was getting? Everyone, from media to our supreme court has a price I guess and Stephanie sold her journalistic integrity for a ride on a billionaires plane just like Thomas.

  2. 5
    Wilbert Johnson

    Maga GOP members clown 🤡 show just trying to get revenge for trump facing justice ⚖️ attack dogs let loose on the American people by trump no respect for law and order

  3. 10
    lb simmons

    So called liberal reporting seems in their selection of words to undermine Biden and any other s that theyclaim to be treating fairly.

  4. 12
    Ivette A

    republicans are disgusting in their lack of respect for our nation , democracy & our nation’s top lawyer/ policeman .

    they’re disgusting & the hypocrisy is breathtaking!
    vote these traitors OUT!

  5. 13
    Paul Baker

    I owned firearms to deal with predators killing my livestock. When I retired and we sold our property I got rid of them except for the single shot scattergun. I've never had a semi-automatic weapon. There is no reason for the general public to have such weapons. The only reason they are not outlawed is because the gun manufacturers have bribed our lawmakers. The manufacturers and their trade association has convinced a segment of the population that these weapons are necessary for their safety, when in fact the opposite is true. For them the bottom line is profit, not safety.

  6. 15

    It's hilarious that maga republicans don't understand that liberal Democrats own plenty of guns, we just want them sensibly regulated for the sake of public safety.

  7. 17
    Richard James Milne

    The REPUBLICANS are EVIL and are about to experience their WORST ELECTION in EVER in 2024! THE PEOPLE will OVERWHELM them with something they seemed to have lost… TRUTH

  8. 21
    Michelle Walters

    Thing is, most people don't care about Hunter. More time should be spent on investigating Jared and Ivanka and the privileges they received during Trump's administration. Let's get real, GOP.

  9. 22
    Steve Walker

    In the UK we have no public carry. we have very very few gun carriers. The police do not carry guns unless they go to a shooting (rare)/. When we had our last school shooting (Dunblane) we banned a lot of weapons. Since thenwe have never had a school shooting – 100% success rate! For how long you ask? 20 years since D|unblane. That's right 20 years without a shooting.

  10. 23
    Mark Taylor

    There will come a time when no private citizen in this country will own a gun of any kind and I welcome sanity it will bring!!! Get rid of guns and therefore gun violence!!!

  11. 26
    Mike Mike

    People who enjoy going out with their children and killing little animals while hidden in a blind a hundred feet away are disgusting cowards and psychopaths.

  12. 31

    Merrick Garland is a moral coward. He should resign immediately.

    He's right about one thing, though: he's not the president's lawyer. He's Trumps lawyer.

  13. 32
    Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

    The mercurial mad cap, the chosen halo of the fallen, the dark eyes of this burning man Satanic cult, the Strangelove 🌈🌈 of high tech slave driving, at the battlements of Carthage. Grand poo paa, psycho babble curse work and LEGIONS sure man whatever, who got a match ?

  14. 34
    Edward Bruggeman

    Sorry, I wish the Democratic hopeful all the best but I cannot agree that murdering animals for "sport", despite being anything but sporting, is a healthy hobby or healthy bonding experience. If one NEEDS to hunt to feed one's family, that's one thing; murdering animals from cover, at distance and calling it a sport is ludicrous. I daresay the animals don't find it sporting…

  15. 35
    Philip Raeburn

    Americans how do you know that people like Marjorie Traitor Greene, Gym Jordan, Minor Gaetz and the majority of Republican Politicians are not for you? 1. Did you hear any of these folks(members of the 20 who held you to blackmail and got what they wanted in the debt ceiling ransom) mention taxing the wealthy to balance America's books? 2. Did you hear any of these folks mention bringing any of the coup people to account? 3. These folks are the ones creating the biggest swamp ever, they have logs in their eyes and want to remove the specs in their opponents! 4. How many of you or your children can't afford a roof over your heads, did you hear them mention any of this, all they want is the rich to get richer and the rest of you to get poorer? 5. They want to investigate Hunter Biden's laptop(which was illegally obtained by Rudy and Russian connections, so nothing revealed from it can be trusted), how does that benefit the American people. 6. Donald Trump's crimes were blatantly committed out in the open, yet they want to investigate the Justice Department and FBI for investigating those crimes, and not one single mention of holding Donald Trump to account(which is what the majority of Americans want)! 7. These folks believe climate change is a hoax and want you to continue fattening the pockets of the fossil fuel companies who were the major bodies responsible for worldwide inflation! And get this, the world will have to migrate to electric vehicles sooner or later… sooner = save the planet, later = China rules the world after $trillions of damage and billions of deaths(did you see what happened in Libya, 20,000 dead from floods)! 8. These folks are hoodwinking and deceiving you at every turn!

    Wake up, Jesus Christ never deceived us so these folks do not speak for Him. Although some of the Democrat's principles are not Christian, they are the only ones that it appears to me who are doing anything for you! Think about it, the best economical system is Social Capitalism, where poor and rich all have a fair share of the pie!

  16. 37
    Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

    Dark overlords 🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️ Magi 🪄🪄🪄🪄the ivory tower of Carthage flesh merchant diplomacy, the demonic moral “Monopoly” 🤩🤩🤩🤩 the Satanic seal of approval upon the state cult money 💰 💰💰💰

  17. 38
    John Wikstrom


  18. 39
    Goh Boon

    The GREAT REPUBLICAN PARTY CIRCUS. CLOWN #1, the chairman of the judiciary committee GYM JORDAN should be charged for ignoring a Congressional subpoena, just like Navarro.

  19. 41
    Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

    J. D. Rockefeller and the twisted roots of America’s A.M.A. ⚕️⚕️⚕️⚕️, the dark Magi 🪄🪄🪄 of the dark overlords 🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️🧛🏻‍♂️ , the captains of slave driving industry. Turn of the post modernist century and the class war of the Magi “Monopoly”. Democrats and the A.M.A. welcome mat of the NASA climate crisis fascist monopoly. 😈😈😈😈😈😈

  20. 43
    Ducanh Pham

    GOP waste time instead of working on what they need to do to run the government. I hope the voters who support JJ and Magas will pay attention and vote for democracy when the time comes.

  21. 45
    JM B

    Wow. From abroad and not American, a gun lover that can make sense. Incredible. Really. Possible, then?

  22. 47
    Chris Smith

    Does ANYONE understand that no one is going to raid their houses and take their weapons? Do they actually believe that will happen. Yes, they do! They do think it. So stupid. But look at who we're talking about. Radicals. I want to own a weapon. It's my right. It's the the right of people who are reasonable gun owners to do that. But, the hypocrisy is that they're fighting for Hunter not to have the same rights they all hold to their hearts. Hypocrisy! NO ONE IS COMING TO YOUR HOUSE TO TAKE YOUR GUNS! NO ONE!

  23. 48

    They seem to be awful afraid of losing power. How about defining "well regulated malitia" to limit ownership?

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