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  1. 2
    Terry Dennis

    Why is it so hard for you lot to tell the truth. When are you going to do some truthful reporting? So you lot agree with the influx of illegal immigrants into your country and the way that your president Joe Biden is allowing it to happen. The USA is loosing it. Once a great nation now a nation in need of serious help. The media need to wake-up and report the true facts and no be so one sided. May be all of the media has forgotten how to report the truth.

  2. 4
    King Stony

    Please do a segment showing all the “best people” Dump hired to “work” with him. Then show what they said about him when they eventually left.

    Trump ~ “I hire only the best people….”

    The best people ~ “He is the most deeply flawed individual I’ve ever encountered.”

    It will be a long piece but this needs to happen. Should be pretty easy.

  3. 5
    Kent Jones

    You can't find one democrat to bad mouth Trump's brilliant policies. If we would have listen to him about NATO, a million Ukrainians wouldn't be dead today.

  4. 6
    Kent Jones

    Not only is Hunter taking down Joe, the entire democrat party will take a big hit. Now lets talk about Trump's bad personality!!! lol smoke and mirrors.

  5. 10
    Julian Pick

    So you guys realise if Trump gets in, you get out. You all need to be calling this joker out for what he is at every opportunity- he will squash media like a dictator if he gets in.

  6. 15
    Laura Carstiou

    Do they poll for mental fitness??
    If democracy fails and they look back at the history maybe they'll mention how the press jonses over so called Polls

  7. 16
    A Saund

    So 60% of people are concerned about something that has ZERO evidence, typical Americans, and 27% more americans think Biden is old and crazy than Trump. Typical Americans.

  8. 17
    Jane Doe

    Those supporting Trump and treasoners and terrorists. How can any same person vote for someone so evil and has evil intent to end democracy. This is insane.

  9. 18

    If Trump wins again, this man will declare himself president for life to avoid prosecution and become this country's first dictator!

  10. 26
    Something Clever

    They are both too old and mentally slipping due to that age.

    But only one is a criminal bent on destroying democracy in America. I'll stick with Joe, no matter how sleepy over an orange maniac

  11. 28

    The GOP that wants to get rid of 1135809 needs to VOTE BLUE: Just that simple. Donate to Democrats in red districts! Move the nation forward not backwards!

  12. 31

    Biden gets to work early, no need to spend three hours working on his hair and tan. He doesn't spend the day watching T.V. in the oval office's lunch room all day. Biden is working for the American people, left, right and center. His comments may have an occasional gaffe but is calm and clear. Complete sentences and thoughts! The "Unfavorable" results are because people that are not informed truthfully are being polled. Would I like younger leaders, yes! Having that thought, I want leaders that respect history, know it and understand why the longest peace for the Europeans have been Pax America!

  13. 34
    Lawrence Iverson

    Dumpy's nuts and old . 3 years between them is nothing especially considering how much better shape than Mr. Big Mac and Ketchup grampa Joe is I'ld love to see TFG on a bike !!!

  14. 35
    Lawrence Iverson

    Biden is in a lot better shape than Dumpy If TFG got on a bike ,the tires 'ld explode and if they didn't he'ld just fall off !!! Biden has been the best pres of the century .. He's gotten more done than anyone else , He's in great mental and physical shape Dumpy is 50 lb overweight and gets tongue tangled every time in front of a mike . Is this just Media sabotage or what ????

  15. 41

    I have never been polled and I’ve been voting for 40 years. What about capital DUMP warning us about World War II and calling Biden Obama that guy is mentally impaired and delusional.

  16. 42
    John Blazer

    The great DONALD JOHN TRUMP will be our next president, absolutely no chance for bidin, thank GOD for president TRUMP… i love these extremely historically accurate poles ….

  17. 43

    Why has the news turned into talk shows???? These people only have political agendas, they have no interest in reporting honest news .

  18. 45

    That's funny, nothing here about The bank statements from China, proving they gave the Biden family millions of dollars.

  19. 48
    danny Jones

    Republicans have compromised themselves by embracing the radical Trumpsters popular sect drunken under the influence of Donald Trump's generic bar-talk non- fact-less-based propaganda, ( " just tell'em what they want to hear agenda ). "
    Uncle Joe, has steadily been kicking tail, since, Day One, of his Presidency. …. it's what he does!
    As per Kamala Toe…..other than, going down to The Border & Heavy Bantor against, Governor DiSantis's undermining the achievements established in blood, sweat, & tears of Freedom Fighters….I'm not quite sure what she has done. I voted for our Incumbents, and, I'm African American.
    I would prefer younger presidential candidate options, with, excluding, V.P. Harris. No disrespect towards our V.P. I'm not sold on Harris's foreign policies approach, nor, her acceptance by archaic male chauvinistic arrogance. As much as which is not under Kamala Harris's control is limiting towards her potential Presidentcy Order of Succession.
    Former President Obama, Cory Booker, Michelle Obama, Hakeem, Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, Ortez are a few names, as, viable alternatives.
    I like Christy as a Republican. He's knowledgeable and reasonable with common decent American Values. I don't feel I would become a potential slave under his watch.
    Good grief there are some crazy potentials in the air attached with the upcoming Presidential election.
    As per former President Trump, it's hard to fathom that an Ivy League grad could be so ignorant regarding the United States Constitution. Either, Trump, is the the biggest fibber, or, the most ignorant Ivy League grad, with, a quick learning curve.

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