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  1. 1
    Kent Jones

    No secret here why biden on first day in officed eliminated the China Trade Initiatives that benefited the American people. When you take millions from China, you do exactly what they tell you or ELSE!. Or maybe Biden just hates America? Which one? I'm going with the UNEXPLAINED millions in Biden's 27 shell companies.

  2. 5
    No BS

    The GOP has always seen the military as a mercenary force for oil and mineral interests. The MAGAts would not lift a finger to do anything about that problem. MAGA/ GQP is the American Taliban.

  3. 7
    Kent Jones

    Demoncrats on this show work for the snake swamp cabal in DC. They don't hate Trump, they fear him for exposing their corruption.

  4. 8
    Kent Jones

    Is Biden taking orders from the billionaires in Davos and money from China, Ukraine and Russia? Evidence keeps building up to tune of $50million.

  5. 9
    Kent Jones

    4000 illegal military aged men, all men cross border yesterday. Biden heading to jail one way or another. God bless President Trump. Democrats will held accountable for crimes against the American people.

  6. 12
    Kate Lopez

    If the GOP govern, they would've put Trump, and others behind bars long time ago. Right now, they want the whole package, Father, and son. If the average Democrat doesn't get involved, they will steal election 2024, this is what's all about. Don't forget Democrats, none of Trump's crimes has shaked the GOP
    But they expect to applied the Holy inquisition on Father, and son

  7. 13
    Kate Lopez

    It's shameful all the accusations Jim Jordan dished out. We Democrats are to blame for the way the GOP conducts business. It doesn't govern, it bullys

  8. 16
    Laura Bealmear

    What will happens is most of these military personnel are Republicans, no more! They can’t keep stepping on rakes! They are a disgusting group, disgusting

  9. 17

    How does tuberville have all this power he was a football coach what does he know about real world issues you have to be careful who you vote into office it can have long term repercussions that effect everyone

  10. 21
    Charlie Crowley

    If you can't see the real facts past the lies and you don't fact check the main stream media then you are in the cult! Means you are consumed by the lies that the government tells them to push to you, Democrat or Republiclan!

  11. 22
    Kelton Scott

    I was in the United States Army 🪖 and I am despise of this ex State of Alabama football coach, and apparent immitation senator, are doing to Our Military Armed Forces in Real Time, So Outrageous‼️

  12. 24
    B.G. Fractals

    They hate the mililtary because it is in the way of Russua, China, Korea Dictatorships that they were part in trying to bring this country into being like that. The military is the big wall to all other authoritarian dictatorships with the might it has. God Bless
    America. And without Demcracy here it will send the world into total chaos.

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