Watch GOP debate: Who could be eliminated and who may win

GOP political strategist Mehek Cooke and James Kimmey of the Senate Working Group predict the outcome of the next Republican debate, airing on September 27th at 9pm ET on FOX Business Network. #foxnews #debate #2024elections #2024 #republican

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  1. 2
    Joe Herbert

    Can we all just agree that Christy and Pence are complete and total disasters? Why are they even there?? Bergum was actually impressive when they'd allow him to speak. Scott and Haley managed to cancel each other out and both wound up appearing petty and bickersome. I mean, fighting over curtains? Come on. From my view, Vivek and DeSantis were head and shoulders above the other candidates. I look forward to the day when Chris Christy and Mike Pence fade back into oblivion. And judging from this performance, that day is coming soon.

  2. 9

    Going with Vivek is DANGEROUS!!
    VIVEK is POLITICAL as he already said he will not accepr VP Post!!
    So, it shows Vivek is Not for the People as he clained..Vivek is for HIMSELF!!😣😭
    Vivek is DISHONEST; He is a SMOOTH Talker like Obama !!
    A Lot of Hot Air and Smoke only!!👹

  3. 13

    Christie / Nikki is Bernie Sanders of republicans, just run and get funded and drop out at the end.
    Seems like Bernie rich enough not to run.
    Asa : He just running for free lunch

  4. 16
    Allan Ford

    It's so funny NO ONE is going to beat trump..people are wasting time and money debating what?! How BAD book writers and look at me people will lose?!

  5. 18
    Just Tinkering

    This shows that the broadcast networks are in the democrats pocket. None of the over the air networks have broadcast the first or the second republican presidential debate. Wake up America!

  6. 19
    Chase Dizzie

    Nikki is definitely the best candidate in my opinion. Trump is most likely not going to be beaten by her but he's definitely not getting my vote.

  7. 25
    Government Is Violence

    after what the government did to people in 2020, shutting down businesses forcing a lot to lose them forever, issuing reckless and destructive unhealthy mandates and forced people to take experimental medicine or be fired and destroying the exonomy and you STILL want to vote for that same government? talk about 🤡 world, well enjoy your own demise humanity, you deserve it for your stupidity

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