WATCH: Fetterman MOCKS critics of updated Senate dress code #shorts

National Review editor-in-chief Rich Lowry argues against the dress code overhaul, saying dressing appropriately shows respect. #foxnews

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  1. 3
    John Bennett

    Show respect for the position, for the voters of my state Pennsylvania, for our country and to the rest of the world. I think it comes down to the fact that Mr Fetterman still needs quick access after his unfortunate medical dificulties.

  2. 7
    Reece Watson

    Fetterwoman needs to find a rocking chair and retire. He's wasting his vote another puppet of the left. That is what fetterwoman and biden have in common…

  3. 9

    What a joke. It’s the extreme left who have ruined our education system and think that it’s okay to coerce and mutilate children. I always thought of my self liberal but after the last few years no way. I want to conserve what the United States was built on and what they stood for for so long. Family, values, education, service in one’s community, our military, God etc…

    I understand that fetterman doesn’t agree with Biden being impeached ( which is such a double standard) but to say that it’s the right who have lost their minds is nonsense. At least I had the sense to say Far left. Or extreme left. It never ceases to amaze me the masses of people that are complicit in this absolutely grotesque disgusting behavior. The way they are treating children is absolutely terrible when you’re an adult do what you want to your own body, but don’t manipulate and coerce children, they cannot protect themselves.

  4. 15
    Raymond Conway

    Special needs for this fool ! No wonder he and Biden get along, it's like two 1 year old children talking to each other- they know what each is saying but no one else understands!

  5. 18

    No, as a Pennsylvanian I think we still need a dress code in the Pa capitol building and in the states capitals, and Washington. It is a sign of deep respect for our beautiful country and the Constitution of our United States. God Bless America 🇺🇸

  6. 19
    Kim Hrabar

    Start the narrative that American citizens are so disgusted by this mockery of the system that regardless of who they run as presidential candidate they can not win

  7. 20
    Kim Hrabar

    I could solve this dilemma in one day.i would have showed up today in a maga shirt. Not having Trumps name on it just the patriotic statement Make America Great Again. Wear a sports jacket with my American flag pin on my lapel. I guarantee Democrats would go absolutely apeshit over demanding to see the judge again that my choice of attire was inappropriate

  8. 26

    That is not Fetterman It’s a look alike The real Fetterman can not speak that quickly and he doesn’t have A mustache Go back and look at pictures His dress code is not the real issue

  9. 28

    If the Senate leaders won't grow a pair and enforce a proper dress code what do you think the chances of them being able to step up and make tough decisions about all of the corruption in our government???

  10. 33
    Alexander Kirdan

    Have NO dress code, wear nothing, who cares, Ukraine could use a good laugh as you send them Billions that you refuse to account and audit, money that belong to moms and dads, vets, students, our children and grandchildren, our future. I’m an immigrant from Ukraine, but this is all happening for lack of REAL leadership.

  11. 38
    Terry Albritton

    Look professional & intelligent , not like your winging it ! ! Would you hire a lawyer to represent you in court that dress like that !! Not me !!!!

  12. 43
    Maureen Lucas

    He has no respect for this country nor his position. He needs to step down. He is an idiot! Having a dress code for the visitor and not for the men and women who are serving in Washington D.C. They need to have that dress code for them. It's not about dogs & cats living together. It is about respect!

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