Virginia Gov. Youngkin on pardoning dad who was arrested during school board meeting

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin on the state’s budget, Biden’s economy, China’s aggression, the Virginia election and pardoning a dad who was arrested during a school board meeting for demanding answers on his daughter’s sexual assault.

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  1. 1

    My confusion as a Virginian would be why the prices of everything is going up the state is now charging us more money to even get our trash collection is up over $10 it’s like prices on everything are going up what’s 10c tax cut here or there gonna do nothing. They up the costs in $ and then they try to make it better with cents.

  2. 6
    Jon Boy

    The people don't need government, Government need the people. Look at the mess government intervention makes. Te people made the country not Politicians. They should focus on domestic and international defense and leave the rest to the people.

  3. 7
    Missi B

    He needs to LEAVE, not LEAD. He’s already LED us into Catastrophe and Chaos, now he needs to LEAVE and take his Corruption and Criminality with him. He’s a WEAK, Worthless Human Being who is corrupt and compromised. McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, McCarthy, Schiff, Feinstein, Fetterman, and about 85% of the rest of the politicians ON BOTH SIDES, Need to follow him OUT of DC

  4. 9
    Hugh Kesler

    Well, the Feds always are making accusations but I say, show me the video!!! Chinese spies captured at border should have their mugshot on every street corner!!!! I'm a conservative and they're gonna need to pursue this, our country is in danger. Without video proof, why should we believe anything they put out ? The mainstream media has almost exclusively shown it cannot be trusted to tell the truth to the US citizen. So unpatriotic…so disrespectful to our country, it just can't go on much longer

  5. 13
    Marlyce Rodriguez

    It makes me upset to see those police officers being used by that corrupt school board to wrestle that dad to the floor, when he was there to defend his daughter who was assulted in the bathroom.

  6. 16
    Tommy Lee Funderburg

    Y'all act like Democrat politicians have common sense they don't this is not the Democrat Party of 30 or 40 years ago these are a bunch of radical idiots that do whatever they are told to do and they stick as one unlike the Republicans who divide and when they divide they don't keep the discussion public they put it out there in front of the media which makes Republicans look bad and a lot of it is these podcasters and Fox News does not help things one bit they act like they want controversy so they bring different people on the show to give controversy it's stupid as any kind of a plan to continue a Republican Congress these people worry too much about keeping their jobs than they do about doing the right thing

  7. 21
    Curtis Turner

    Joe Biden is incapable of leading. He gets his direction from the teleprompter, the man behind the curtain and his "handlers." Biden is a convenient proxy for Obama who confessed this with glee by Obama himself.

  8. 26
    Jeffrey Hancock

    WE, THE PEOPLE, were given a mandate to use whatever means necessary to suppress a tyrannical government if it becomes a cause for freedom. In all my years I've never been so incensed at our government as I am now. The situation they are putting us in is truly disgusting and must be stopped. I'm hoping enough people get as fed up as me and vote these irresponsible dolts out of office in our upcoming elections. Our future depends on this. They are playing politics with OUR lives and OUR future. We can't let them do this anymore. Enough is enough.

  9. 29
    John O'Donnell

    It's going on 3 years now, and I don't remember anyone ever asking Joe Biden himself a single question concerning the crisis he created at the US southern borders. 🤔 Why is that so? 🤔

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