‘Victim of Fox’: Feds charge man at center of Jan. 6 conspiracy theories

“Because there were not charges pressed immediately against Epps, this theory continued to gain so much more attention for weeks, months, and actually years,” says Brian Stelter on Ray Epps, the Jan. 6 rioter targeted by right-wing conspiracy theories. 
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  1. 2
    J Rut

    You people are sadly delusional. Not only is there video evidence of eps yelling, "storm the capital" there's video evidence of over 42 different undercover fbi agents encouraging people to storm the capital. This was all orchestrated by the white house, and these people are hiding it. Ray eps is GUILTY as are these idiots of spreading BS. Stop watching MSM. It hard to believe people actually listen to these paid programmers designed specifically to program YOU!!!!!

  2. 3
    Paul Habrelewicz

    You all lied about trump for years! To sit here and hear you say republicans lie is amazing! The hypocrisy!!!! Report on bidens corruption!!!!!! Report what you should, be a journalist not activists!!!!!! TRUMP 2024!!!!!!

  3. 5
    Rick Bird

    They got multiple video tapes but these Democratic stooges are going to say there's no evidence I guess there's no evidence that Joe Biden took money from Ukraine china our Romania either?? Wake up people you can't be this stupid

  4. 8
    David Gregory

    Prosecute every Trump-GOP crime against America, maximize penalties for every conviction. Treason, sedition, insurrection defines Trump-GOP.

  5. 11
    Speak The Truth

    Ray started Jan 6 riot. It's on video and wasn't charged for 3 years and only gets a misdemeanor charge today. Sounds like an undercover fbi set up.

  6. 12
    Braxton Combs

    Why was he given a fine for being the leader of the crowd and others given years in prison. Why were we lied to about 5 officers killed and everything else. This seems like a bs way to continue a cover up. It took 2.5 years to charge him with anything when others are in jail for less.

  7. 22
    Peter Vu

    Bro please 🙏 nbsc report Trump good we need a good president for in office you used to like him! The Apprentice show, Saturday-night live, fashion shows what happened

  8. 26
    Jacob Reisser

    So much for Making America Great Again. All Trump has done is criminalise a couple of thousand Americans. Including himself and his family.

  9. 29
    American Woman

    So Ray Epps was a GOP patsy.. I’ve read so many Trump cultist comments about this guy over the years of why he had not been arrested.. That Epps was really FBI/ANTIFA and encouraged the others to riot..
    I had never seen a picture of him til today..

  10. 33
    tony pag

    Again, I just saw Pinocchio, the head of the Biden Crime Family, asking for money for his campaign to be re-ejected as the Criminal In Chief. Perhaps the $50 M that he has been bribed isn't enough for him.


  11. 34
    Adam Wolf

    Oh God pathetic and desperate MSDNC attempting to villianize Fox, AGAIN. Hey DUMAS! TRUMP WON! AND WILL AGAIN IN 2024 GET IT?

  12. 37
    Grimm Reaper

    Another example of white privilege. These idiots break the law on J6. Then think they shouldn’t be prosecuted. You know those involved in the riots on J6 would be for prosecuting others for doing the same thing. If it would have been BLM in the capital they would have been sitting at home saying they deserved to be shot for breaking into the capitol. Deep down they say I wish those BLM people would be shot down for their protest.

  13. 39

    He claims that the conspiracy theories ruined his life, adding: 'I never intended to break the law. It's not in my DNA. I've never — I'm sure you've looked up my record. I don't break the law.'

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