Van Gogh painting returned in IKEA bag

After three years, a Vincent Van Gogh painting called “Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring” was returned to a Dutch art detective in an IKEA bag. The painting has been scratched, but should be restorable. Thieves snatched the masterpiece from a Netherlands art museum in the middle of the night in 2020. #CNN #News #Shorts

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    This guy is featured in several Insider "How Real is It?" videos on which him and a professional thief review movie heists and they started a company together to investigate and recover stolen high value items. He's super knowledgeable about art and protecting buildings.

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    B C

    I once saw a man with two supermarket bags full with money. The money was wraped in a transparent plastic bag and then inside the supermarket bag. No black businessman briefcase. Just plastic bags. I was shocked! That was a lot of money

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    Paul Astle

    Personally, I think to the art world, Van Gough, Picasso and all other painters of a similar ilk are just like the fable called ‘the kings new clothes’. I’m not a fan of people who buy art as an investment. There are thousands of really talented artists who will never get one of their paintings on an art gallery wall just because they are too good at what they do. They are unable to dumb down their work to the level of a Picasso 😮😮😮🇬🇧🌈🇺🇦🙏

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    Surprised CNN didnt blame white men for the disappearance. I guess Don Lemon wasn't available to make racist comments on this story.

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